The Higher Self – What is it, how it operates, how it feels and how to get in contact with one’s Higher Self.Read More →

A. It’s very hot and there are some white buildings, huge, but they look more like light. They are like tall churches, like huge crystals in which they have dug rooms. They are not transparent, nor matte, but you can not see anything inside. V. Are there several buildings? A. Yes, I’m on one side and there are other buildings on the other, as well, but the ones on the left side they are stronger and have very high vibration. V. How far are they from you? A. They are very close to me, I can feel them, I can touch them. V. Look aroundRead More →

In the Quantum Healing world, a world that has its foundation in energy, Light codes and portals, notions like remote healing, remote viewing  or energetic connection, are ordinary concepts and somewhat concrete. My affirmation might seem hilarious to some people, but to us that work with energy, it is very “solid”. Quantum Physics explained that everything is energy, and the space is almost empty with just 1% matter. This is how the illusion of solid objects is explained.  What does it mean for us? It means that we can use another person that offers to receive the information and healing in someone else’s place, but theRead More →

I would like to talk here about The Divine Reveal in general, but also about my own experience with it. What is The Divine Reveal? TDR for short is a brand new quantum healing hypnosis method created by my colleague Malka Ahern,. TDR is an energy healing technique that is based on Anita Moorjani’s own Near Death Experience  and book in which she describes her NDE, Dying To Be Me.  Anita is telling the story of her spontaneous healing after fighting a Lymphatic cancer for over four years, she went into a come, and came back to life.  I met Malka on the Quantum HealersRead More →

For a while now, I have been mesmerized by Nature and everything she has to offer; from magical landscapes in various places to the four elements. I used to (and still do so today, albeit less often) catalog these places based on how much I enjoyed them, yet this made me send forth judgement. One time, I came to the realization that animals aren’t self-conscious like us humans, unaware and uncaring about how lovely their fur is today. It doesn’t matter to them, yet we can still selectively love some animals more than others just based on their aspect. The same occurs with flowers orRead More →

In a recent session, my client’s Higher Self gave an important message to all Lightworkers, my client included.  Here it goes: We all need to be humble. We need to honor our gifts. We need to work together to help others. Everybody has a gift. Everybody can do the same thing in a different way, that’s why the uniqueness of every light power that every person can do this work, but we need to join forces to help others. There’s no competition, there is no power to go physically in a material world, but we need to start raising vibration because the shift is happeningRead More →

My client found herself in a room within a stone pyramid, on a mummification table, only she wasn’t dead. There were many stone tables and many wrapped people in that room. She instantly started to hurt really bad on the left side of her head, in the eye and nose, even the ear, down to her neck. I have made several attempts to help her release the pain, but nothing worked. That has never happened to me. The pain was severe and giving her a hard time. Slowly, she begins to figure what was happening: she and others were offerings to a god whose imageRead More →

When a person decides to have a QHHT session, they will get a recording at the end of that appointment. It contains the Past Life part and the discussion with the Higher Self. It is a very helpful tool that we hand our clients. It is part of our work and this is how Dolores has set it up many years ago. She used to tell her clients that she recommended to listen to it three-four times. I have said the same thing to my clients for the last eight years. The best way to listen to it is with headphones. Today I have decidedRead More →

When I first started doing QHHT, back in 2010, my beloved teacher, the late Dolores Cannon told us that one session is enough and I believed her. She told us that she would spend as much as seven hours with a client, if needed. Her usual time spent in a session would be around five hours. Thinking of that much time spent just with one client, one session would make perfect sense. but her perspective was a very particular one because Dolores was very famous, a very sought after and a very busy hypnotist, with a five year waiting list. She wouldn’t have had theRead More →

In my own recent session I have received a brand new information from my Higher Self on something that happened to me four years ago in regards to some portals that I saw. This was something that made me wonder ever since and constantly thinking about and, in a way, it’s been tormenting my mind for not being able to understand it and to make sense of it. Because I could not find anything accurate for what I saw, I drew myself these two drawings that reproduce really close my perception of those two portals. So here is what’s happened . Back in 2013 IRead More →