I want to talk about the difference in group regressions versus an individual session, but before I do that, i just want to mention that Hypnosis is a way of exploring the one’s Self. It is an introspective journey with tremendous value. So, if you feel attracted to the idea of knowing yourself, hypnosis is for you!   Group regression is a great tool for anyone who just wants to get a taste of what hypnosis is. This is mostly for beginners, so to speak. It is one way of finding out if  you resonate with hypnosis. One can learn a great deal about themselves fromRead More →

This is an article written by Candace Crow-Goldman for the Quantum Healing Practitioners.com Violeta Stoica is a Practitioner who has facilitated hundreds of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Sessions, she recently moved to California from Romania. She is one of the many Practitioners offering Quantum Healing sessions during the Quantum Healing 5D and Beyond event in Sarasota this October, here’s her story: How did you first hear of Dolores Cannon? Is she known in Romania? No, Dolores was not known in Romania when I lived there but we are talking about more than 11 years ago now and there were no Romanian translations of any of herRead More →