For a while now, I have been mesmerized by Nature and everything she has to offer; from magical landscapes in various places to the four elements. I used to (and still do so today, albeit less often) catalog these places based on how much I enjoyed them, yet this made me send forth judgement.
One time, I came to the realization that animals aren’t self-conscious like us humans, unaware and uncaring about how lovely their fur is today. It doesn’t matter to them, yet we can still selectively love some animals more than others just based on their aspect. The same occurs with flowers or vegetables and weeds. Even the word “weed” feels like a label full of judgement. They grow because they ARE. They are an undeniable entity in the places they inhabit and are connected with the climate and other regional specifics.
Nature is not biased on growing trees based on the geometry of their leaves, or flowers based on the perfume they exude. No. Nature has a better plan set in stone, and that is of utility and purpose. Even the Sun does not shine exclusively on those of good heart or looks, instead it shines on everything equally.
In my past, I was disconnected with it, but not completely; I had yet to discover her splendor, as I have done a while back.
Every time I used to get flowering plants as a gift, they would shrivel away, as I had no knowledge of how to conduct myself accordingly with them. I wished for them to warm up my house with their lovely colors, as a little spot of green can make a room feel more pleasant and salubrious, however I hadn’t a clue of how much colors affected my mental and physical health, not to mention the other abundant blessings a plant brings.
A red hibiscus was the first flower that I succeeded in taking care of for a number of years, bringing smiles to my face and a pleasant warmth to my heart. Six orchids followed it, yet I haphazardly cared for them. They still bloomed three times every year for many years to come because I still loved and cared for them, even in the clumsy manner I treated them. During that time, other things were starting to catch my eye, like fruit bearing trees, vegetable plants and even birds. A short time afterwards, I became more aware of the lush forests and trees that inhabit them, and unbenounced to me, I bonded with the woods. The first of my interesting encounters took place on a casual stroll through Copou with my friend and (at the time) hostess from Iasi. It involved an elderly tree, with a large hollow, near the roots. My friend identified it almost instantly as a portal, and when she asked me how I perceive it, I responded with the same thing and a few added details I shan’t mention here or now. To her own surprise, she didn’t notice that portal’s presence on any previous visits to the park. It required our combined energies to perceive the same thing, proven by the whole event. Afterwards, I connected with Eminescu’s Linden and the Uneven Cottonwoods. All of them were old and wise, encumbered with decades of knowledge on their heavy, low-hanging branches. Soon after, my encounter with the lakeside elm trees in Mogosoaia took place. They intrigued me a lot and there is no explanation for it, I just felt an attraction towards them. I used to see them in Herastrau too, but the ones in Mogosoaia were truly special. As a result of these much needed mediation walks through Mogosoaia, I started to befriend the lakeside elms.
I must make a quick side note, as I need to tell you how I felt this park. Besides its rich and ever-present history, it has an elegant atmosphere, similar to that of an old wooden mansion, such a distinct and vintage feel, making it one of my favorite parks. In the three years I’ve spent living near Bucharest, in the small town of Corbeanca, I tried my best to have daily walks through that magical park.
I found the elms by the shore to be some fascinating beings, two of which seemed to stand out the most to me: the one with a hollow near the roots, and the biggest one in the park, by the aquatic sports center.
Before I left Romania, I went on a last casual stroll through the park to bid my farewells to the lovely trees, my heart full of gratitude for the healing energy their twisting branches have given me over the years.
My connection with the water elms was more of a friendship with “inanimate objects”, that even if they did not speak or move, were still able to communicate with those who felt their energies and sometimes understand them. They’re extremely gentle, patient, stoic, and even warm and vibrant, if you will.
My most recent adventure with these majestic creatures took place in one of the parks in my current living area, in SoCal. I went on a walk with a headache, which was a rare occurrence, yet I was aware of it. I didn’t reject it, nor was I angry at it, or my body, for experiencing it, yet I was trying to understand what caused it, or how I attracted it. Passing by group of a certain type of pine, native to Mediterranean climates, like that of California, I felt the largest one calling me. I hesitated for a fraction of a second, as I felt a mix of surprise and confusion, I approached it, not knowing what my next move should be. It “communicated” to me, telepathically perhaps, to lay my palms on the trunk’s bark, and followed by also laying my forehead on it. As I did so, I visualized a kind of a dark yellow flow of energy exiting through my third eye, channeling into the tree. I felt worry for it, and told it to not hold onto that energy, as it would be unhealthy, and to release it into the ground and Sun. The dark yellow flow evaporated through the veins in the leaves and lost among its roots. Wanting to step away, the tree sent out an impulse telling me to linger there for a bit. I no longer felt my headache which had followed me from home. I sent my thoughts of gratitude and surprise to it. That was the only time so far, anything of that magnitude had happened to me. The intensity and speed of the events unfolding didn’t quite let me understand the situation, which was for the best, as the conscious mind might have taken over and ruined it. After this experience I understood how and why ancient shamans chose the specific plants for their patients. The shaman’s intentions of finding the perfect healing plant for the patient’s specific needs, stems from the calling of said plant towards the shaman. Not every plant healed everyone, it all depended on the vibration of the person who needed treatment.
For those of you whom have read the “Ringing Cedars” series by Vladimir Megre, these things are far from a foreign concept to you. All of us have these latent powers, all of us inherited these extrasensory abilities, and we can enhance them through willful practice.
For those of you interested in trees and tree related matters, let me share with you some personal observations but also from what I’ve seen in my nine years of experience with QHHT regressive hypnosis. Trees and plants are alive. Animals have souls. Minerals, specifically crystals, have a conscience with which we can communicate. The four elements: water, air, earth and fire have a form of consciousness. Several times, us humans, arrived on this planet, in our earlier incarnations, as water, air molecules, rock, earth, insects, birds, just about any animal. All of these things coexist with us, and by coexist I mean we’re all interlinked by a spiritual connection. Nothing is up to chance or without purpose. Simple existence gives it value, which we can’t always see for ourselves. Every bit of physical and non-physical existence plays a part in The Great Creation, including objects: the chairs we sit on, the tables we eat on, and so on, and so forth.
According to Quantum Physics, ninety-nine percent of matter is empty space. We are living in an illusion of matter. In fact, the low vibrations of the chair make it seem solid, thus creating the illusion that it is solid.
We’re living in intriguing times, where science is confirming what spirituality has been claiming for a long time; that everything is vibration, conscience, energy.
When we contemplate a tree and make it into presence, consciously, we honor it, we honor its intelligence, and every little bit of its energy it brings with it. Besides its physical healing touch, so does the meditation and every second spent under its majestic crown of leaves. The size of a tree is directly proportional to the power, or intensity of its energy, even the healing one. Every conifer species, has a lasting vitality due to the needle-shaped leaves which last unscathed through winter, and they share this with us indiscriminately. The ozone they produce also gives off negative ions, which can be found by running water or by the seashore. No matter our religious beliefs, we have all felt the extraordinary effect of the forests, the mountains and the seas. It’s uncontested palpable.
I personally thank you for having the patience to read through this article and I wish for you to have a better, deeper connection with Nature, our first, true home. I’ll sign off with a quote from chemist Lavoisier regarding the Natural Law of Conservation of Mass: “Nothing is lost, nothing is gained, everything changes.”