When I first started doing QHHT, back in 2010, my beloved teacher, the late Dolores Cannon told us that one session is enough and I believed her. She told us that she would spend as much as seven hours with a client, if needed. Her usual time spent in a session would be around five hours.

Thinking of that much time spent just with one client, one session would make perfect sense. but her perspective was a very particular one because Dolores was very famous, a very sought after and a very busy hypnotist, with a five year waiting list. She wouldn’t have had the time to see someone for a second session, not to mention multiple sessions.

There are not many techniques out there that dedicate this amount of time to just one person, so this shows something about QHHT: it focuses on that person only, on different aspects of that person’s life that the client wants to discuss about, then the Past Life part and the connection and influence it has on the present life, and then, the most wonderful part of all, the meeting our own highest instance, the one that knows everything about us, that can heal us, that can explain everything to us. At the end, the wrapping up of the whole experience.

My first encounter with multiple sessions was through my clients. There were some of them that requested multiple sessions from the beginning, and others that, after having their first session, decided to have another one, and after a period of time passed, to have another one, and so forth.
Among my clients, the one that has the most sessions is a wonderful and spiritual woman in Romania who came to me for a total of six sessions over a period of four years.
I have another case of a male client that requested three sessions right of the bat, and they were wonderful and none of them were identical. Every time he would come in, he would’ve shifted his vibration because of all of the understanding followed by the integration of everything that took place in the first session, so the next would be totally different, and the next also different. I could see the change in him from one session to another, and that, in itself, is pretty amazing. That is my work satisfaction in helping my client to become more clearer about himself and his own life. It is a tremendous joy for both my client and myself.

There are other hypnotists out there that so multiple sessions. The most famous one that i know of is Dr. Brian Weiss that does as many session as he considers necessary because, when one of his clients are stuck in a situation or, even worse, in a pattern, which means that they go through similar situations over and over again, they need multiple session.
. One example could be of someone that goes through three bad marriages, and all three of them have the same circumstances: partner is drinking or cheating and they seem to attract only that type of a partner in their lives. Another example could be that someone gets into a situation where they loose everything, and that has repeated a few times in their life.
Dr. Brian Weiss is regressing his clients into many past lives to look for a pattern and that it is done in many sessions.. A pattern is a situation that happens at least three times, so, when he finds a pattern through all those past lives, then he will stop the regressions and starts discussing the pattern.
But apart from that, why would anyone want more that one session? The answer is pretty simple. It’s because the person feels so. They want to explore more, to see more than one or two life times, They want to know themselves better in a way that reflects back to them from a totally new and fresh perspective that is provided by this unique method.
Another benefit is that all lives that a person sees in a session have always a connection with the present life which explains the cause of different things in that person’s life.
And as the client grows and evolves, as a soul, after each session, the challenges and problems that they face in their lives change accordingly, so, after a while, people might feel the need to get another session that is focussed on the new things that have arisen.
A fact that needs to be considered here is the time. One can experience only so many past lives in one session. The length of the time in which a person can be under hypnosis is limited. Dolores recommended that the time spent under to be within two and a half hours. My session are, most of them, between two and three hours.

Is there a number of sessions that is recommended? No, I don’t believe in recipes. Every person is capable of feeling of when they need a new session. It is impossible to tell how many session one needs, There are no set numbers. Sky’s the limit. I have heard of people that have seen up to forty past lives, especially people that do spiritual work. I cannot recall this particular person, but I know that i have read it in some article where they have said that.
I have, myself, had seven session, so far, and I am planning to have more, over time. I love them because they are full of wisdom! And that helps me in my life.

In conclusion, I truly believe that more than one session are beneficial because, as one opens up with each session, is receiving other pieces from the puzzle that form the bigger picture, completing it as one progresses with the self knowledge and insight.