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You can find me in Prescott, Arizona.

QHHT sessions

These sessions are longer, lasting 5 to 6 hours. Half of the time will be the pre-talk, when we get to know each other.

I will explain what hypnosis is and what is not, including the urban myths that have been associated with it.

The QHHT session itself lasts the most 2 and ½ hours, then a half an hour post-talk when we discuss what transpired in session.

A more detailed description is on the QHHT section of the site.

The Love exchange for a QHHT session (in person only), is $600, with $100 nonrefundable deposit upfront to save your spot.

Book a QHHT session with me.

There is this guided meditation that will help you relax your physical body, that will trigger your mental relaxation and, also, help you become familiar with my voice.

Recommended videos:

Laura Casto on Healing with Dolores Cannon’s QHHT

Expectations in a Quantum Healing Session

Dolores Cannon explains QHHT

Inner Child Healing
About Inner Child Healing
The Love exchange for a Inner Child Healing, 2.5Hours session is $300.

Holistic Counseling

These sessions are offered to you face-to-face, but most people prefer to have them on-line, so they can be both, one-on-one and on-line and they last 90 minutes. It can be a one time session or as a series of sessions for longer lasting results.

We will focus on self love and self value, on all the Divine rights that we are entitled to in this 3D reality, on expanding the awareness of Consciousness Unity with All That Is, and much more. We will also be looking at emotions because they are an important part of the human life and inner awareness. They are not only necessary, but they are also messengers.

The Holistic Counseling sessions are not intended to be of psychotherapy or to replace medical or psychological treatment in any way or by any means. They are Alternative Spiritual Services based on Metaphysical and Esoteric knowledge.

The cost for a Holistic Counseling session is $99.

The payments can be done in Cash, Check or Venmo.

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