When a person decides to have a QHHT session, they will get a recording at the end of that appointment. It contains the Past Life part and the discussion with the Higher Self. It is a very helpful tool that we hand our clients. It is part of our work and this is how Dolores has set it up many years ago. She used to tell her clients that she recommended to listen to it three-four times. I have said the same thing to my clients for the last eight years.
The best way to listen to it is with headphones.
Today I have decided to share with you this part of my work.
When a client leaves my office, I tell them to listen to their recording and, if they feel like like doing so, to give me feedback. It is something informal and there is no obligation attached to it. Some people do give me feedback, some don’t. It is entirely up to them.
In my experience, some clients never listen to their recording, some don’t even want it, some people partially listen to it, and some people might listen to it one or two times, and very few, more that that.
There is nothing wrong with any of the above categories. Everyone has their own internal guidance system that will help them along the way.
What I am trying to say is that the recording has tremendous value, for it has so much more than people might think it has, and for this, I am willing to share my own experience with it.
So far I have eight sessions of my own and I can tell you that it is pretty cool to know so much about myself! After each session I’ve had , I was strongly convinced by the fact that I could remember my entire thing, that I could even recall it. I knew what I was doing, I knew where I was and I remembered everything!!! How cool is that???
Well, I could have not been more far from the truth! As the days passed, I was still convinced that I’d remembered everything. In about two weeks, I would get down and listened to my recording, and what a surprise! I have forgotten half of it, at least! Where did it go?? How could I forget it so much??? How could I forget so soon???
Let me tell you where it went! In a session, when one is under and sees images, that state of the mind is called theta, after the waves that our brain issues. But those images of past lives or whatever we are shown in our session, are dream like images, which means that they will fade away like dreams do. Have you ever awaken in the morning, firmly believing that you are remembering your entire dream, or even parts of it, and then, in five minutes, after you went to the bathroom, they are all gone? This is how it is with the session that I’ve believed I was remembering entirely. It was merely an illusion!!!
After a while, I listened again to my recording, and guess what, I have again forgotten some parts of it. I could not believe it! Again??? Yes, again!!! But the best part of re-listening was that, like reading a book again, or watching a movie again, you get to see and understand some fine details that you haven’t notice the first time. You get to deeper understand some answers or some connections of your past life with the present one. There is so much wisdom in those sessions, that, it is like having your session again, without the whole effort of going to actual session, without doing the induction. It is all in your own home, in the comfort of your space, and you can listen to it many times.

And because the subconscious mind is most of the time in charge, what better method to convince it to do what you want it to do, then listen to your recording repeatedly?
You see, our mind thinks that it knows everything, that it is, or at least, wants to be, always in control, but the fact is that our subconscious mind is behind the wheel, some researchers say, 95% of the day.
The subconscious mind is very independent, it has its own will and doesn’t listen to us or anybody else. And it is known that whatever deep beliefs we have in our subconscious, this is what we will manifest. This is how our reality is created, from the depth of our subconscious mind.
The best way to change old patterns and believes is through hypnosis because it is faster and the results are really great.
One other way of changing old believes is to repeatedly make affirmations of what we wish to achieve, like changing unwanted behaviors into new ones, old emotional reactions to certain situations into new, more balanced ones, or even old thoughts into new patterns of thoughts.
Look at the unconscious mind like it is a toddler that is completely absorbed into his own playing. To get his attention, you just call the child, but he will not even hear you. If you call him the second time, maybe he’ll hear you, but he will not pay attention to you, but if you call him the third time, he will definitely hear you and look at you. You have to keep telling him what you want him to do. The more you repeat, the better the results!!!
The same goes with your recording, too. The more you listen to it, the more you’ll get out of it. Some might call this an enforcement of suggestions, some might call it self-suggestion, some might call it the Placebo effect. It doesn’t matter how we call it. More importantly is what we can obtain out of it, the outcome!
The functioning of our brains is based on certain principles, and one of them is the low power consumption. To be able to do that, the brain uses the same neural pathways over and over again. In other words, it uses old ways because it saves energy. It runs on autopilot. In the process of changing thought pattern or behavior, new neuronal pathways are created by new way of looking at things, by a new perspective, and, by using only these new ones, the old ones disappear by just not using them anymore. This is called brain plasticity. By having new thoughts, neuronal pathways are created, and by keep thinking these new thoughts, the new pathways are strengthened, and the old ones are weakened.
Most of the times, a three to four times of listening to the session recording is all it takes to change old patterns of thinking. Some people need only the session and nothing more, but with all of us having a conscious mind that can sabotage us by starting to judge, doubt or disregard this experience, it is safer to do repeated listening to it. The more, the better.
Like grass will start growing on a less traveled path, old ways of thinking will disappear by not thinking them anymore, and that is known as forgetfulness, a very natural and useful mind process. Without it, our minds will be flooded with useless memories.
Every mechanism in our mind has its own role. Every emotion has its own place and use. By understanding how our minds function, we can make the changes we want, becoming empowered in our own lives in making better choices, better decisions.