It’s not your fault. Really.

You have been programmed from birth to primarily only use half of your brain’s natural function. Our Western society’s institutions of education and government and workplace have marginalized our right brain, our intuition, our imagination, and in my opinion, it has been to our great detriment.

Think of all the times as a child you were told to get your head out of the clouds. That there was no monster in the closet. That your imaginary friend wasn’t real. To stop daydreaming. Stop pretending or making up stories. Things were labeled “only” a coincidence, or merely a “figment of your imagination.”

What your parents, teachers and others did was effectively switch off half of your brain function. They (mostly) didn’t mean to do this. They were taught the same thing when they were young.

Sure we need our left brain. Without it many things would dissolve into disorganization and chaos. But what we really need is balance, and our poor right brain has gotten a really bad rap.

Well, we have a little work to do now to begin to undo this “left brain is the only thing that is important” programming, but it is possible.

When you live a life led overwhelmingly by logic and analysis, you are living life primarily from your left brain.  You can think of your mind as fueled by a dual engine brain, which is much like a dual engine airplane with only one working engine. If you are very methodical, logical and analytical, your right brain is probably very much like a rusty engine. We need to get the grease gun out, lubricate the mechanics, re-fuel, and get that right brain baby running before our QHHT Session.


Can you do this? Absolutely. Your right brain is right there, waiting on you to turn the engine over and to wake it up. You can start immediately. There are many ways to engage your right brain and in the coming days I will share a few concrete exercises you can do during your regular day that will help.

Here is one thing you can do that is probably the single most important thing to have a successful session.  It’s just a statement that you need to hear, digest and integrate into your world before knocking on my door for our appointment. You will need to fully accept this statement to break out of a lifetime of left brain programming!

Here it is…are you ready?

You will have to trust your imagination 100%.

That’s right. Actually trust it! You will have to trust your imagination so much that you might possibly have to do something that might sound utterly ridiculous to a left brain person: You will have to agree to simply:

Make. It. Up.

That’s right. Make it up. You will, in essence, make up a daydream with me and I promise you, if you jump in that daydream with both feet and allow me to help you, allow me to guide you, you will absolutely open that door to your soul and begin at last to find the answers for which you are looking and the healing that you seek.

Your Higher Self, your soul self, communicates with you in your dreams every single night. It communicates with you using premonitions, gut feelings, in daydreams, in your imagination, in symbols and stories and fanciful ideas.

We want to talk to your Higher Self in your session, not your every-day-logical-left-brained-conscious-mind. You can NOT access your Higher Self, or your soul using logic. Over analyzing will cause it to wither and fade away.

Let me tell you a little story.

Just a couple of weeks ago in Arkansas during advanced training with Dolores Cannon, a story of remarkable healing was told. This woman, a QHHT Practitioner herself, was once a demonstration subject for Dolores in a class several years ago.

During the session when Dolores asked for the SC or Higher Self to heal the severe esophageal erosion and reflux disease that made her life miserable, her logical mind began to doubt and disbelieve the process. The woman, being a demonstration subject, was keenly aware that there were students observing, taking notes and hanging on every word of the session.

At that moment, her analytical mind, her ego self, did not feel that her Higher Self was there. She listened intently, waited for something magical to happen and felt… nothing. She remembered what Dolores said to her and the class about using her imagination. She felt it was her only option. She was going tohave to “make it up.” She thought she could not possibly disappoint Dolores and the class that was watching her, so she did. She made it up.

As she began to create a story within her mind she suddenly, in her mind, saw big streams of blackness leave her throat. Internally, she was stunned.

When she awoke, meaning when she was brought to her every day conscious aware state, she had no more pain in her throat! Her esophageal pain and reflux, a problem she had for many years, had disappeared never to return.

Standing at the (seemingly) closed-door of her soul self, she used her imagination to unlock the door and open it and access it. By making it up!

Do understand and realize– the more you open yourself before you get here, the more you practice and allow, the more you make up stories,  the more you daydream, the more you meditate or play the fabulous “What if?” game (more on that tomorrow) or the more you simply shake up a rigid “left brain” daily routine or life, the better your outcome will be at our session.

Here’s something wonderful about the right brain and its activities and function: You cannot do a thing “wrong.”

You can only balk and not do it at all.

It’s completely up to you!

Copyright & Source Candace Craw-Goldman blog.


  1. Thank-you for writing this article. I have been meditating for years and have been so underappreciated the value of my imagination. This is really encouraging. Thanks again!

    1. Author

      Hi James,

      Thank you for your kind words!
      Dolores Cannon used to say that imagination is a portal to a different dimension.
      As a psychotherapist, what i was taught in school about imagination is that there are two types of imagination, one is constructing images on already existing images, memories, objects and the other, when dreaming, but none of them include the imagination of things, images or knowing of something totally new, unseen before. That is not imagination, that is glancing into a different dimension or reality.
      Trusting our imagination is something that we acquire, most of us. It takes time, practice and confirmation or synchronicities.
      Thank you for sharing your experience with me!

      Light and Love,


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