A. It’s very hot and there are some white buildings, huge, but they look more like light. They are like tall churches, like huge crystals in which they have dug rooms. They are not transparent, nor matte, but you can not see anything inside.
V. Are there several buildings?
A. Yes, I’m on one side and there are other buildings on the other, as well, but the ones on the left side they are stronger and have very high vibration.
V. How far are they from you?
A. They are very close to me, I can feel them, I can touch them.
V. Look around and tell me if you see someone else or not.
A. Theoretically, I’m the only one, physically, but it’s a golden entity in front of me. It’s a human form, but it changes its form. It remains long and tall, but its hands and feet are only distinguishable when they are still.
V. Do you give any impression, any sense of this entity?
A. We are together there.
V. What do you wear on your feet?
A. I think I am barefoot … I have some golden rings on my fingers, but it’s only white and gold. I have a sort of … I can not figure out what it is … a kind of skirt … white, but it’s not a skirt, kind of a two-piece tunic. From the waist down is white and has some golden cords and up top is a kind of bustier that goes to sleeves and the sleeves are very long to the elbow, but they come off so long. Their fabric is like cotton.
V. Do you wear anything on your head?
A. Yes, it’s a big crown. It’s golden and you would think it’s made of a crystal that has frozen, like frozen thorns, but it’s very comfortable.
V. What does it look like?
A. I think it’s gold and has red and blue jewelry in it, round and elliptical. I still wear bracelets that are just like the belt, gold and some red and blue jewelry.
V. What color is your skin?
A. It’s coffee like, I do not think I have any hair … I’m completely bald and I have green eyes.
V. What is the feeling you get about your gender?
A. The sensation is that I am half a woman and half a man.
V. How do you feel about your body?
A. It’s weak and long, not much physical strength. .
V. As you stay there, beside the white buildings with the golden entity beside you, what is going through your mind, what do you care about?
A. I have to stay here, I have no thoughts.
V. If I ask you to describe yourself as a character, what would you tell me about you?
A. I’m like a sort of judge, but not many people come to me. You have to do something very bad, you have to break the rules very badly to get to me.
V. Let’s look at the golden entity a little. Do you feel it wants to tell you something or not?
A. No, it monitors me and I feel neutral. Now I’m in the buildings on the left, I’m at the highest level where there’s a kind of pedestal, a giant room in the shape of a crystal flower, and in that room there’s a pedestal like a kind of portal, I can see in other places with the stuff that’s like a kind of golden metal table and when I look at it I can get what’s going on. I can see heaven and clouds around me. Everything around me is transparent to me.
V. Is this place somehow familiar, have you been here or not, what is the impression?
A. Yes, I’m still here now.
V. Would you like to look at that table, or you do not care? Only if you want it.
A. I’ll go first to the windows, look down. There’s nothing here, it’s a dessert like in the Sahara, the sand is yellow and there are lots of storms of sand. I do not think anyone can physically stand outside.
V. Do you still feel that heat from the beginning in the building?
A. No, it’s chilly, it’s cold.
V. Do you like it like this, or do you prefer the outside temperature?
A. I like it more outside in the sun, but I can not go out because of the danger of the sand and I have to sit here and look through the portal. We can come back.
V. Tell me what’s going on.
A. Oh … yeah … I … I think I’m manipulating the weather through that mirror.
V. How do you do that?
A. Put my hand right over the mirror and leave my intention: how do I want to be out. Because there’s nobody there, I’m playing with the mirror.
V. What do you like most about weather, how do you do it more often?
A. I do not have a preference, I like when there are no sandstorms. I stop sandstorms when nothing moves, but everything around is quite dead.
V. Aha, so you can not modify the sand, just the weather. A. Yes.
V. Is the intent enough to change?
A. Yes, when I put my hand there, it’s as if the sky turns and starts raining, the wind begins, just the weather changes, I can not make it day or night.
V. Do you like what you’re doing?
A. Boredom!
V. What would you like to do?
A. To play on other planets, to control other planets as I control the weather.
V. Apart from the golden entity, is there anyone else with you here?
A. No, it’s empty and I feel like it’s a jail.
V. Do you feel it because you are alone, or is that really the case?
A. I think it’s really a jail, I think it’s created especially for me. I do not even feel the outside world is really real. It’s like I’m in a big box where something is created, like a sky, a sun, and it’s given me this to play so I do not die of boredom.
V. Have you been here for a long time?
A. For a long time … of eons … it’s too boring to even care. At first it was anger, after it was … as if it nothing makes any sense. I’m just sitting here. I don’t even know why I’m here.
V. The only fun is your portal? A. Yes..
V. How do you spend your day?
A. I walk through the corridor … I think there have been a few centuries in which I was going crazy, I mocked the entity, then I calmed down … I just walk around, talk to no one, I do not even talk to the entity, the entity does not talk to me, it monitors me, it’s like waiting for me to do something … something like … a manifestation of that power, to destroy something, but I am not giving up, I do not know it’s like a trap and I’m not giving up … as if doing this thing, I would let go of information that should not be put out here, where I am, not to those who control this place … it’s fake, it’s technically created, it’s all technological, but it could not otherwise contained me here … it’s kind of a soul-capture.
V. Do you feel captive there?
A. Yes, it was created specifically for me and others like me to keep me here.
V. How did you get here?
A. I’ve been abusing power, but I’m not here because I abused power, I am here because I do not want to give information to others to use what I used when I abuse power.
V. Would you like to go back in time to see what happened?
A. Yes … Nuclear warfare. The sky is red and there are falling asteroids, not big ones, it’s like there were a lot of explosions and the rocks are coming back. Nuclear power is technological, and I’m one of the engineers that worked on this nuclear technology.
V. Do you look different from the previous scene?
A. I can not tell because I’m in a protective suit, a protective armor that is very light and it allows me to work with my hands, because I am doing something to some rockets. The costume is white and the helmet is pointed to the back. I’m a woman, I’m young. I do not care what happens, I just care about the knowledge I get from using them.
V. What does the place look like?
A. It is a two story scientific station. It’s not just me here. I am doing something on a rocket, but there are all kinds of things here, planes, spacecrafts and the building has a very high dome.
V. Where is this station?
A. It does not seem to be on the planet, it seems to be off planet and it sends all this to the planet. It’s totally hostile to that planet. The planet has something, and we need that thing. It’s trinitotium, it’s a kind of metal we use like gasoline.
V. Do you feel that you belong to this place?
A. Neither to the planet nor the ship. We are many from different planets, but we are the scientific elite that have been taken and science is being used very much here to take over that planet. And this planet is pretty scientific. Here we came willingly to get knowledge. This civilization has a lot of technology and a lot of power to make technology, and I wanted to use this technology to create what I wanted to create.
V. What do you want to create?
A. Ha ha ha … It’s ironic but it’s a soul trap device. I think the prison I’m staying in is created by me … ..
V. Do the people you work with are familiar, friendly?
A, No, everybody’s minding their own business, at least on my part is a manifestation of Ego, as what I do here is more important.
V. What is the ultimate goal of what you create? What is the use of it?
A. It was for my own planet if I offered the knowledge and what I was doing was a sort of contract with the double agreement: I was coming to the ship and I offered them my knowledge and what I was creating, and they offered to protect my planet, they would not attack her. They are Orionians. They look like dragons, but human, on two legs, with two hands, but on their foreheads they have some crescents that go back and they have fangs and snouts like dragons. They look like dragons, they have a small head and the skin is black or dark red. They have scales on their hands and they have very thick skin around the face. Physically they are not aggressive, but they inspire a power … you can not fight them.
V. How does this make you feel?
A. It works for me because I came here with a purpose, and my planet gets protection and is not attacked. I think I have an understanding with one of them … it’s pretty funny … a little romance, but it’s totally absurd!
V. What does he look like?
A. He’s a little different. What the Orionians want to do is an idea of ​​separation and he goes to unity, tries to understand love, tries to understand all these non Orionian emotions because they are logical. The rest, besides him, are very … they do what they are told, they have a hive mentality, but this youngster is a little different, he wants to know. They are divided into several groups, one group knows about a planet, they are not allowed to hold all the information, all the information is held up. He is very young, I think we are the same age. He finished his internship and now he works. His parents were species researchers and he had the chance, at a very young age, to understand the difference between species and … I keep getting the idea that I am from planet Vega and that he is very interested in knowing about emotions.There was not a physical relationship because it was technically impossible but it was we were talking a lot because he had not been on his own planet, just stayed on the ship. They lost their roots being on the ship that long.
V. Would you like to go to your planet, see how it is? A. Yes.
V. What do you see?
A. It is very beautiful, lots of vegetation, there are many people and all are dressed in clothes such as those in prison. My parents are dressed like that, too, with white and gold tunics. Most are bald, as well. Only those who are locked in prison wear crowns to block their skills, not to use their telepathic capabilities. Because of the crown you do not have access to anyone and vice versa.
V. How is your family?
A. We are only three of us, I, Mom and Dad. It’s a bit different … I can not figure out … kids are not physically conceived, they are thought, I do not know how to say this, the body is “thought” and the soul comes in afterwards. It’s very beautiful here, there are golden castles made out of crystals, cobbled streets, and they spend a lot of time in nature and do not even sleep. There is no night and day, it’s just a day. The world is joyful and happy, it’s like Lemuria on Earth.
V. How are your parents?
A. They are very tall and very warm, they are some kind of teachers. Every parent has the duty to be a teacher for the child. There are no school systems. Every parent has the duty to teach the child about the natural sciences, telepathy, to understand animals, the energies, and I don’t understand if they talk or not. They have a very small mouth, but I do not talk. The heads are pointed in the back.
V. How are the children thought, how does it work?
A. When a couple wants a child, there are, on some higher level, entities that are not incarnated, that are not in physical form, and they can make a contract with such an entity, and parents have the mental capacity to create and manifest a physical body, and the entity enters it.
V. Does it start from the stage of a child, or it starts with an older body?
A. The child is what could be a 3-4 year old on Earth. A toddler, not a baby. They are created for the age when a child can perceive and learn. The child is already walking and has the telepathy activated.
V. How does telepathy work?
A. The simplest is when you look at a person and send them a thought, and the most complex one is learned over the years in which the person is far away, but you send them a thought and they send it back to you.
V. Do you use any words or sounds?
A. Music. It is used to raise vibration, to increase telepathy, there are some people who can manipulate objects. It’s nice here, there’s a lot of peace and harmony. I now know what I did not like here and why I wanted to leave. In this peace and harmony we learn the same thing that everybody teaches. I did not have the opportunity to experiment because experimentation leads to dangerous things and society does not accept dangerous things , things that could hurt someone. I believe that you can not evolve unless you experiment. That’s why I volunteered to go to the ship. The musical instruments are like violins but have two strings, and when you touch them they transmit different sounds, hertz.
V. I want you to look at your hands. How many fingers do you have?
A. Four … strange … and long, like the frog, but very long.
V. How many toes?
A. Four, but the skin has a different color from when I was in the prison where I had a tan because of the sun. Here is a very light gray. What I saw, the tan, was because of the sun, and our skin does not bear the sun. I liked to stay in the sun, even if it was fake. We do not have a sun.
V. Here, on your planet, do you like it, are you happy? Were you all right here?
A. My learning capacity was very fast and I was bored very quickly. I did not feel it was my place, I did not like staying here.
V. What do you feel about your parents? I want you to look at both of them and tell me how you feel.
A. Gratitude for letting me incarnate, that’s all.
V. When they look at you, what feeling do you see in their eyes for you?
A. In their eyes I see love.
V. Do you feel it was useful to you what they taught you?
A. Yes, it was useful because you learn how energy is created at the molecular level, and from there we deduced how it can be destroyed at the molecular level by nuclear weapons.
V. Which one of them taught you this?
A. My mom taught me how to create and how energy is created, and my dad taught me how to understand it scientifically. I could not understand the energy if I did not understand it in both ways. All children are taught the same things. There is no leader, unlike the Orionians, we don’t have a hive mentality. Everyone is their own leader.
V. What do your parents do in their free time?
A. Walking along the alleys and teaching me things about air, about molecules of light, about the soil, about the soil that is reddish, what soil helps to grow some plants, what soil helps to grow other plants. Here there are many flowers, from purple to white, to blue. Flowers have petals like skin, a little gray. There are many plants with thorns. I feel like the city we are in is a city created with a kind of protection, like a glass bubble, because the sand and the destruction outside of the bubble in which you can not live. Inside there is an artificial environment placed under something, but we’re on the surface of the planet. You can not stay in that sand, you can not breathe. It’s a kind of hydrogen that plants emit and they breathe, but you can not last in it, just in special costumes.
V. Was that always there, that environment?
A. That was the environment forever. It’s a planet that has been chosen to be inhabited. She was not inhabitable. She was close to the mother planet, only the mother planet was overpopulated and she was chosen to be inhabited.
V. Would you like to go now after you’re locked up? A. Yes.
………… we are going to an important moment after the time you were locked up ….
A. I am not yet in re-incarnation, I am in front of several entities and I promise I will use all knowledge to bring evolution wherever I will reincarnate, that I will bring spiritual evolution because I do not want to go back to that cage.
V. Did you leave the prison?
A. At one point I asked the golden entity to talk to the council because I can not be here anymore and I’m ready to accept my punishment and fight for it because I did not accept it was my fault and it was supposed to forgive myself and to accept myself only when I was too bored and too desperate, because everyone had died around me, there was nothing, it was just me, I stayed there for a very long time because that system that I myself created it was keeping me alive, too. I am now in front of a counsel, kneeling with my head down and I ask for forgiveness for everything I have done and that I will work to bring spiritual evolution to the planets where I will reincarnate. I see Archangel Michael clearly in front of me. I left my physical body, I cut the spiritual cord.
V. Where did you get out of your body?
A. Head. I was helped because I told the entity that it was time and that I wanted to go, and the entity called for more … a kind of angel that helped me out and cut the etheric cord. I am at my own judgment day.
V. How many are in the council?
A. There are seven or eight, I can not figure it out. The image that … They are some light balls, but each one gives you a picture, and the picture I have is clear, the archangel Michael. He’s got long hair, wears armor and holds a sword in his left hand. I think it’s a council of Archangels, yes! I’m told I have to rebuild … it’s like we had a seal of confidence and I broke it, I smashed it into pieces and I need to re-make it, and every life is a piece, like a puzzle … I’m going to start it soon.
V. Do you agree with this?
A. I’m not going back to that cage! I would do anything.
V. Who put you in there?
A. I alone put myself there because the weapons I made destroyed the planet, the parents , too. The Orioninas turned against us, did not keep their promise.
V. What happened to the Orionian you were friends with?
A. He died, it was … they were not killed, they were, in some way, put out of use and they extracted his souls and kept him in a state of total sleepiness and oblivion, put out of use. I never saw him again, we just helped each other. My planet was totally invaded by the Orionians, and the entity was not theirs, she was coming in for help, but she did not offer her help except when she came with a proposal that I can go out and offer my services for evolution, but it was also a guardian that helped me not to fall into their trap and give the the ones who controlled the prison my knowledge because actually the prison was controlled by the Orionians. Eternally, my soul could go out and help others, but the entity was there to remind me that I can do that, but I chose to stay there and punish myself,
V. How is the council meeting going?
A. They told me that I had to work to solve and rearrange my karma and that I … oh …. there are two planets I start on, the first is Mars and then it will be Earth, but the Earth was not yet created, it was in the first millennium, asteroids were still falling, there was no life yet and I started on Mars.
V. How are you there, what does the environment look like?
A. The soil is red, like my former planet, and many of the incarnate souls are from my former planet, but here I am a kind of activist against science and I am all about plants, energy, exactly how life was on that planet from Vega, that was the perfect lifestyle, and I do not have much power, I feel like I’ve had many struggles in my lives, and I’ve always been stupid, dying in jail, doing something, and getting to be … more physical, not so advanced spiritually. It was a new third dimensional planet and I did not have much success on Mars. I’ve had five lives on Mars. I was both a man and a woman, but more a man.
V. How do you feel as a man on Mars?
A. Very strong, very athletic, very military. Through the last lives, I think I also had a leading role, but they assassinated me quickly, I was very much pro Ego. .
V. How are children created here?
A. Physically, normal, as in humans. V. Through sex? A. Yes. V. How do you feel about your sexuality as a man?
A. Like a dog that has to mark every tree.
V. So very instinctive.
A. It is very instinctual and it is very … a man would not have just one woman, he had to leave the seed in as many as possible, to have as many offspring as possible.
V. Would you say there was a strong sexual instinct for procreation?
A. It’s normal, as in humans, only that society asks to be so, to have as many offspring. The descendants could have large and rich families and I feel that in my last life there was even a big and rich family who could support all these offspring.
V. How did you end the cycle of incarnations on Mars?
A. I realized that Mars had no chance, that she was going to self-destruct, and after I was assassinated, I did not particularly want to come back again, I wanted to give myself another mission because, anyway, they were destroying the planet and I could not do anything. Give me another planet that is just in the beginning.
V. Are the forms of incarnation on Mars humanoid or not?
A. They are humanoid, men are very large, and women are tall and thin. They eat meat, they hunt a lot, but they are a very military society and they do not understand life as it was on Vega, they did not understand peace, they were in conflict over power between themselves. They were on a family-run pyramid hierarchy, and one family would try to take the ruling family down and take control and so on and so forth . The number of family members was helpful: the more they were, the better. They could infiltrat everywhere, in more departments, through the army, engineering, and agriculture. They did not eat too many plants. I do not know if they were eating the meat cooked or raw. I think both.
V. I want you to see yourself at a time when you’re having dinner with your family in the last life you’ve got killed.
A. We are seated on some pillows and the food is cooked over fire, aroasted animal , it’s steak. There are cooks that prepared the meal. I think we are a hundred people. On the left is the wife, the children are on the right, the parents are somewhere in the end, the oldest were the leaders, the family is led by the elderly. I have about 50 siblings who have I don’t know how many kids. The huge room is full an the tables are set like a big U
V. How is the atmosphere at the dinner table?
A. It’s cheerful, it’s a lot of noise, they talk a lot, they like to talk and laugh, they like having fun, the primary instinct: fun, joy. I think they have some alcohol in them too. In general, the dinners are jovial, only once in a while they get into a fight and they kill each other. They’re primitive. The vegan planet is a 5D planet, but Mars is just in the beginning of the 3D vibration.
V. Do you know where you went from here after completing the cycle of incarnations on Mars?
A. Yes, the Earth followed and I had late incarnations there. On Earth there were several incarnation cycles, several experiments, and I went to the end when there were not any extraterrestrial forms visible anymore, when mankind was left alone once and to exercise free will because they kept destroying, some or others would intervene. Atlantis and Lemuria were destroyed, Hyperborea and Musi as well, I do not know what happened there. I have no information about what happened there, but now this is the third cycle of incarnation, this is the third experiment. This is now or never, if this experiment is not working, then we have to take it somewhere else.
V. Is coming to Earth your choice?
A. Yes, it’s mine. I was asked, “do you want to go to Earth?” And I said yes! I did not have very many reincarnations on Earth. I feel this is the third one, but in every lifetime it had a spiritual struggle … for example, in the first reincarnation my extrasensory abilities were high, they were activated, I lived in the Middle Ages and I was burned at the stake. The second … I did not have too many chances, I died quickly, at 14, I did not have time to awaken, to make sense of my own life. The third one is now … I chose to come now because we live very exciting times and secondly, I came with many unfinished things from Mars that I can take care of now.
V. What would you like to succeed in this time?
A.To create the idea of unity that was on Vega and to remind people that knowledge is in themselves, they do not have to look for it in the Universe. It’s in the Akashic Records, in every person, in the Zero cell, the first cell that develops contains the personal information, as well as the universal information. You only need access to enter there.
V. If they could hear you now, what would you tell people about how to access their Zero cell?
A. To quiet the mind. I do not have all the information yet, but when I have it, I will have to share it.