I want to talk about the difference in group regressions versus an individual session, but before I do that, i just want to mention that Hypnosis is a way of exploring the one’s Self. It is an introspective journey with tremendous value. So, if you feel attracted to the idea of knowing yourself, hypnosis is for you!   Group regression is a great tool for anyone who just wants to get a taste of what hypnosis is. This is mostly for beginners, so to speak. It is one way of finding out if  you resonate with hypnosis. One can learn a great deal about themselves fromRead More →

This is an article written by Candace Crow-Goldman for the Quantum Healing Practitioners.com Violeta Stoica is a Practitioner who has facilitated hundreds of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Sessions, she recently moved to California from Romania. She is one of the many Practitioners offering Quantum Healing sessions during the Quantum Healing 5D and Beyond event in Sarasota this October, here’s her story: How did you first hear of Dolores Cannon? Is she known in Romania? No, Dolores was not known in Romania when I lived there but we are talking about more than 11 years ago now and there were no Romanian translations of any of herRead More →

A. It is dark and I can see stars. I am curious as I have never been here. I am floating and everything is far, I can’t see them well. I am traveling. It’s hot, I sense a breeze that caresses me, I went up and I don’t know why I am here. It is like I haven’t left for good,, like I am in both places at the same time, here and on Earth. I perceive myself being a yellowish- orange smile.I have no shape or consistency. I am Light and it feels good to be a smile. V. Tell me what you see.Read More →

This is an article written by someone who underwent a QHHT session six years ago and I was the facilitator. Enjoy! I will write these down on paper from multiple points of view. Even during this year there had been many important and delicate situations. I feel that now it is the time to write about this transitional period through which I am passing. Here are the conclusions. … I would like to say that for a while I’ve been observing that which others call “Illumination”. I’ve realized that what I am actually looking for is far away from this tag (although it is calledRead More →

This is a rare session from August 2013, when the person went into the future, instead of regressing into a past life. It was the Higher Self will, not mine, to take the person there. It is not what we want or what we expect, but rather what Higher Self considers to be useful for the client. Between parenthesis are my explanations. V. What is the firs thing that you see here? A. White, shining Sun. I can look at it. The warm light surrounds me. I am floating on water, but a light beam it telling me to walk on it. I am nowRead More →

This is a session that I have facilitated a few days ago for a QHHT colleague and friend of mine, and here it is only a portion of it from the second half. This is the one where the highest Source of information, the Higher Self, is called forward. I have included a picture of a grid in the sky that was taken by my client/friend on the day of the Eclipse, August 21st. You can see the Grid clearly. It is of Light. To me it looks like it was knitted, like a weave.   At the exact moment when I finished telling herRead More →

God loves us so much that when he created us he provided us with many wonderful things to be able to live in this 3D reality. Among the many gifts received are: feelings, emotions, intelligence, creativity, intuition, thinking, free will and much more. Today I will talk only about the last two, but mostly about free will. Thought is the primary tool with which we were endowed to create our own reality, our own future and the Law of Attraction is the Universe’s tool that helps everyone to create their reality. Free will is absolute freedom to think and act as we each deem necessary,Read More →

What we have been taught by the family, by the society or by the church is based almost exclusively on the outside world of our being. Due to this way of looking at the world and upon ourselves we seek explanation on everything that happens to us, outside of ourselves. Most of the times when it comes about our failures, we seek explanations outside of ourselves, trying to find only external causes that led to the failure. Our culture doesn’t teach us to look inside our inner selves. Everything points to the circumstances in our lives. For each one of us there comes a momentRead More →

It’s not your fault. Really. You have been programmed from birth to primarily only use half of your brain’s natural function. Our Western society’s institutions of education and government and workplace have marginalized our right brain, our intuition, our imagination, and in my opinion, it has been to our great detriment. Think of all the times as a child you were told to get your head out of the clouds. That there was no monster in the closet. That your imaginary friend wasn’t real. To stop daydreaming. Stop pretending or making up stories. Things were labeled “only” a coincidence, or merely a “figment of your imagination.”Read More →