The Higher Self

The Higher Self – What is it, how it operates, how it feels and how to get in contact with one’s Higher Self.

The Soul Trap

A. It’s very hot and there are some white buildings, huge, but they look more like light. They are like tall churches, like huge crystals in which they have dug rooms. They are not transparent, nor matte, but you can not see anything inside. V. Are there several buildings? A. Yes, I’m on one side and there are other buildings on the other, as well, but the ones on the left side they are stronger and have very high vibration. V. How far are they from you? A. They are very close to me, I can feel them, I can touch them. V. Look around

Surrogate Sessions

In the Quantum Healing world, a world that has its foundation in energy, Light codes and portals, notions like remote healing, remote viewing  or energetic connection, are ordinary concepts and somewhat concrete. My affirmation might seem hilarious to some people, but to us that work with energy, it is very “solid”. Quantum Physics explained that everything is energy, and the space is almost empty with just 1% matter. This is how the illusion of solid objects is explained.  What does it mean for us? It means that we can use another person that offers to receive the information and healing in someone else’s place, but the

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I’ve long-awaited a travel opportunity to the lore-filled region of Sedona, Arizona. In early May of this year (2024) there was a lull in my busy calendar, so I scheduled a one-week Holiday to visit Prescott, AZ & subsequently Sedona. Specifically, I wanted to visit Prescott in order to meet Violeta Stoica, Level 3 QHHT Practitioner. Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique [QHHT] is the method develop by Dolores Cannon for past life regression followed by a conversation with Subconscious (SC) or Higher Self [HS] and healing of physical and emotional issues by SC/HS. This technique also helps our understanding of why we incarnated in our current body, what the life purpose is, etc.

Of course, as with any spiritual healing method individual results can vary contingent upon one’s readiness and faith. The QHHT facilitator does not do any ‘healing,’ but simply connects one to their own SC/HS and asks for guidance and healing from the SC/HS.

NOTE: In general, people who meditate or practice any spiritual discipline have better results from a QHHT session as well as and people in creative or helping occupations.

Full disclosure . . . I’m a Level 2 QHHT Practitioner & was seeking additional insights & guidance from my SC/HS. There are many decision junctures within the upcoming year & I sought wisdom & to benefit from a self-nurturing opportunity.

I prepared myself mentally to relax into this upcoming event by honing my meditation skills to ensure I’d have a quiet mind to relax & simultaneously focus.

It was easy to schedule & coordinate my QHHT Session preparation with Violeta. Her voice is calm, nurturing, & supportive. She is a quintessential professional combining gentle care with targeted investigating queries of the SC/HS to search out the optimum insights for her clients. She has no judgement of any scenario, solely a strong desire to assist you in moving forward, & to progress in self-healing.

Violeta provided a safe, sacred space for me to convey all of the tumultuous events of my life's journey to this juncture including traumatic & difficult experiences. It was deeply cathartic as I released deep-seated emotions that had been buried beneath years of quiet suppression. I truly felt might ‘lighter’ after the first ½ of my QHHT session with Violeta, because she deeply listened & concurrently fully understood my experiences (without the need to hash through each & every detail of the traumas). She was reassuring & very gentle.

My past life regression was insightful & revealed my true soul desire for my current life/incarnation. I felt safe, strongly protected, comfortable, & perceptively guided with her questions. Violeta understood me quite well & comprehended to target my SC/HS was endeavoring to convey. She facilitated the session review with surgical precision & highlighted the items of importance to glean from the QHHT Session.

I feel deeply renewed, treasured, & am more confident to step into my future with this new knowledge. I’m quite grateful for my time working with Violeta. A very valuable experience. Life-changing in a positive manner. Skillfully managed throughout our work together. Thank you, Violeta, from the depths of my soul for providing professional QHHT services. Your services are greatly needed!

Christine O      

Wonderful experience! I have had 2 sessions with Violeta by now and planning on more. Each of the sessions were different and brought me in contact/awareness with different aspects of myself. I find myself going back more and more to the notes before and after each session and listening to the tape after the second session. This exercise helps me focus on the solutions, and moving out of the issues.
An important aspect that made my experience so worthy is the absolutely wonderful human skills that Violeta possesses. She was very patient listening to and understanding my concerns, and figuring out the problem starting from vague feelings. She has a calm voice easy to follow during the session, and also comfortable to listen to on the tape she provides at the end of the session…. a calming, soothing and comfortable voice. I was also very pleased with the care she took during the session to get the most out of it.
I recommend to everyone !
Thank you very much Violeta!


Violeta is a true healer. She is a genuinely wonderful human being, gifted with intelligence and humor, non-judgemental and wise, with a sincere desire to help others learn and grow. She combines her deep knowledge of psychology with a strong intuitive sense, providing her clients an unparalleled experience and ability to obtain life changing insights and information through her sessions. I am deeply grateful for the time and talent she shared with me, and am still benefiting thanks to the recording she provided. I wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone drawn to them- she is a very unique and special practitioner!


A wanted a little time to pass before I told you how my regression was for me.
The first few hours were very interesting, I was still floating for a long time.
Serenity would be the word that would describe how I felt after my session.
At the same time, I noticed that my senses became very keen. While on the train, on my way back home, I could hear what people were talking about from afar.
I still have this calm. My general perception changed. I see deeply into the things around me and I don’t have that feeling of attachment anymore, that unhealthy attachment is gone.
Another interesting observation is that the next day, all the people that I’ve met, known or unknown, were very nice to me, like in a very special way. I believe that my vibration has changed, I have a sensation of openness, of endless, the sensation that I am limitless, I have got this beautiful peace. I hope that it will last.
And yes, I have become aware of my force, of what it is and what I can do with it. I have an incredible clarity.
I haven’t listened to my recording yet, but I will tonight. I thought I would do it before I go to bed.
I thank you very much for this past Thursday! It was like a time out.


I recently had the pleasure of experiencing a QHHT session with Violeta . Her soft but master skillful approach helped me easily relax my mind chatter in order to access the higher knowledge .
In my journey , I have discovered deep rooted issues from childhood that were buried in my subconscious and were impeding and affecting my sleep and my life in general . I have also learned a great deal about my relationship with my mom, my family and was able to heal and move forward from all the aches and pains , understanding the bigger picture of things , under compassionate and gentle guidance of Violeta .
The session made a great positive impact in my life , I can feel big changes in my overall health and I am sleeping better .
I am really humbled and grateful that I had the chance to immerse in such a deep and beautiful session . Honestly I hope that many of you reading these words will have the opportunity to experience a “maestro” at work 🙂 it will make a great difference in your life as it did in mine . Good luck to you all and have no doubt , you are in great hands !

Much love ,


My session with Violeta was spiritual and profound, connecting me with deep inner soul aspects for a healing of psychological wholeness. Violeta's intuition and wisdom during out initial talk set the stage for this experience, as well as her clear, concise, and compassionate ability to work with my mind and the images within it during the session in a way that promoted forgiveness, understanding, healing, and wholeness. I have never felt as physically well as I have since our session, and I know her work was the final step I needed for the integration I had been praying for. Thank you Violeta for connecting with me so that I come to understand and love myself better! Let the unicorns of our souls lead the way!


Thank you, I thank you again! I am honored to have met you. You are a special person.
You are a gifted human being, with an excellent technique, you are a perfect professional, all of these doubled by your good heart.
The expectations that I have had coming for my hypnosis session were met beyond of what I have thought.
Your experience, the understanding that you show in relation with people make you a true “master” in what you are doing.
I felt safe during my journey. You are a guide with access in many realms.
I recommend you from all my heart!


Thank you Violeta for the beautiful session. It was all good. I got to meet my soul family and then the creator itself. I had only heard of other's experiences but I experienced it myself first time with your help and in your presence. Such a tender and emotional experience! Your multiple year's experience in the field and high vibrational energy was just that was needed to alleviate the session to whole different level. No drama and absolutely no judgment from you, only love and kindness. I highly recommend you to all who are seeking QHHT sessions and on the path of awakening. Thank you.


I had such an amazing and one of a kind experience! I have learned a lot from Violeta! Thank you so much Violeta!
My father passed away in 2011 and once I asked him to come to my dream and tell me if he was doing OK. So the same night, I I had a dream: he was on the other side and there was a white counter separating us from each other and I asked him how is it like over there? He repeated three words three times and and then I asked him to tell me more but he said I'm not allowed to.
Then I repeated those three words over and over to remember but when I woke up in the morning I only remembered one of the words/sentences: he said "its all joy's all's all joy...
Then after the session with you The next day or two, the second word came to my mind! It was: "Love"....The other thing he said was: it's all love... it's all's all love....for six years I had been trying to remember those three things that he told me about the other side! And now the second one came to me! 11:11 AM
And oh my God for split of a second the word "happiness" just came into my mind right now!
And another thing, the day after our session I was taking a salt bath and was processing our session and meditating, then I remembered what you said about "love" and gratefulness and right away a bubble shaped like a heart appeared in the water! I got chills when I saw the heart shaped bubble!


Dear Violeta,
It's been a year from the date that we held our first meeting. Although I was sure that that session with you was going to be interesting, I didn't know that it will also provide me with an instrument that I can continuously integrate into my life, starting from that moment.
You could "decipher" for me some of the things that I did not know about me, and encourage me on my own path.
Having that session made me realize what was happening in my life (I am a children story writer and I "channel" these stories in a altered mind state similar to hypnosis).
But to go beyond that, also, in this meditative state of mind that I learned from you, I could heal a very big health issue that somehow I developed. I had thyroid problems, and the doctor's opinion was that I have to surgically remove the thyroid (and be on medication all my life.. ). Having the idea that nothing happens without a reason (how can a storyteller had thyroid -communication, problem), that was a big issue.
As Violeta said, everything is as it should be, and everything is happening at the right moment. If you could only pay more attention to yourself, you'll get the answers by yourself. A door was opened in that moment.
A year passed, I had enough time to "chew" on what happened, things got arranged in such a way that this "instrument" was about to change my life as I knew it. After reading a book that explained how you should try to uncover your emotions behind other emotions, I tried that too. You have to somehow set you mind in that altered stare, close to hypnosis, and let it guide you through this process. You should not think with your mind, but just observe the things that appear.
I'm not such a big fan of kids, and my mind was telling me that I have a fear of responsibility and commitment. That is what my mind thought it knew. But when I tried to "uncover" things, from that meditative state, just peeling off emotions, I discovered at the bottom of all emotions that I never wanted to come to life. I just simply didn't want to be born again.
Because I had an amazing childhood and everything was OK, I have somehow forgot about it for many years. When I got pregnant with my daughter, I somehow, remembered all this, and I, at subconscious level, started the "I wish I wasn't born" program again. I begun to "choke' myself.
It is true that, when I was going up the steps to my bedroom , I felt something attached to me (like an energy) in my throat area, something that had it's fingers around my neck..
It did occurred to me a few times that I could be the ONE doing this to me, only it had no logic. Not until I discovered my program.
Now my program is over, I discovered the emotions behind it, I understood it and my thyroid felt almost instantly better. I have no more throat pressure and difficulties when I swallow. I am also scheduled to a scan exam, but I know now how to deal with the problem.
My life is beginning to be more magical than I thought, it also has a different color and a brand new flavor!
Thank you!


Hi Violeta,
I want to thank you for the fantastic session. I loved the interview and the session. It was great getting to know you and your husband.
I have much deeper meditations and the energy that is flowing through is incredible.
I have to go out in the backyard at night and download into mother earth so I can go to sleep .It's funny that when I do that and open my eyes all my cat are
laying down gathered around my feet, and then they all walk back to the house next to me .It's pretty funny
I would love to post reviews to any websites you would like me to.
I will recommend you to anyone who is interested in a QHHT session. Thank you so much. You a such a caring and beautiful soul. I LOVE YOU.


I know it’s been a while, but I did promise to get back to you with feedback. Firstly, allow me to thank you for the session and your time. I subsequently also had a discussion with the “other side” – where certain things which I said were either validated or put into context or even corrected eg I would mention a number but it was related to something else. Other things around “teaching” were also validated through a different channel! – so overall things have held together and continue to be revealed in further detail.

More specifically, I was told that I did not relax and allow, but that you were excellent and very skilled J - so there you have it – validation from another dimension!

Kind regards



Excerpts from QHHT sessions ...

I have found that everything can be cured if the person is willing to release it.

— Dolores Cannon