In the Quantum Healing world, a world that has its foundation in energy, Light codes and portals, notions like remote healing, remote viewing  or energetic connection, are ordinary concepts and somewhat concrete. My affirmation might seem hilarious to some people, but to us that work with energy, it is very “solid”. Quantum Physics explained that everything is energy, and the space is almost empty with just 1% matter. This is how the illusion of solid objects is explained. 

What does it mean for us? It means that we can use another person that offers to receive the information and healing in someone else’s place, but the effects will be reflected in the person that the session is intended for. Everything is energy, and it travels at the speed of light, hence all the connections and transmissions are instantaneous in our situation. 

Who would need such a session? Children under the age of 17, bedridden people, unable to go and get an in-person session, people that lost their intellectual capabilities, like people that are in a coma, people that are mentally challenged or that are suffering from psychosis, such as schizophrenia or multiple personality disorder, etc., people that cannot be hypnotized and those who are afraid to be hypnotized because of religious beliefs, and those that are curious about hypnosis, but do not want to be the subject of it, yet wish to find the answers through someone else, like a surrogate. 

How is this done? Before getting into technicalities, I would like to explain the only two surrogate hypnosis sessions currently available in the world, QHHT and BQH. 

In QHHT, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, the surrogate has to be a first degree relative of the person in need of a hypnosis session, such as a parent to their child, an adult for an elderly and/or ill parent, a sibling that suffers from a mental illness, or a first degree relative who is bedridden and unable to do an in-person session. All QHHT sessions, including the surrogate ones, are done only in person. In all the cases listed above, with the exception of extremely young children (since they are linked via karma with their parents), we need the person’s consent for which the session is done. Without it, the session cannot be done as it would infringe on the fundamental right of free will. Even though some people mean well, we cannot do a surrogate session for their loved ones without their permission. 

In BQH, Beyond Quantum Healing, the surrogate sessions are requested by the clients themselves, without needing a first degree relative to become the subject of hypnosis on their behalf. At this point my dear friend, and colleague, Adriana, from Romania, comes into play. Adriana is a seasoned Level 2 QHHT Practitioner, a highly skilled Shaman and an experienced Reiki Master. She goes into trance very easily, where she receives information and healing for the person she acts as a surrogate for. From our previous experience with hypnosis subjects and with surrogate sessions we’ve learned that it is actually easier to receive information for another person than it is for yourself because some people filter what they receive based on if they don’t like it, or if it goes against their conscious belief system. They will choose to ignore this information, while a surrogate, due to being in a trance, is a perfectly open and clear channel that will neither interfere with what is coming through, nor will not modify it in any way, because there is no reason for them to do that. The key here is that I interview the person and Adriana has no knowledge of them, so she has no opinion of them, hence no bias or expectations for what will come. 

Adriana and I offer surrogate sessions to those interested and who resonate with this, without any implication of the person for which the session is done. All I do is a short interview in order to understand the person and their circumstances, so I can facilitate the session.  It’s simple and efficient. Why not have someone else do it for you?

We audio record the session and the person will receive it within 24 hours. 

It is highly recommended to listen to it with an open minded in order to fully access the energy codes that came through it, exactly the same way they came in the in-person sessions as well. 

For a better understanding on how the surrogate sessions work, I will give you two examples.

I assume you all know what channeling is. This is exactly what Adriana does in your place: she allows your Higher Self and your entire Divine team of Angels, Light beings and Soul family to use her body and mind as a channel so all the information they are sending you is flowing and she then verbalizes it so you can listen to it and feel it while you listen. 

The second example is Edgar Cacey, The Sleeping Prophet, 1877-1945,, who would himself go into a trance on behalf of his clients. He’d self hypnotize and find the answers that his clients were seeking. He’d become a channel through which the sought information would flow. The majority of his clients would come to see him for health problems. 

Edgar Cacey’s method was composed by him traveling to the Akashic Records in his clients’ place, being a surrogate for his clients. He would access the Akashic Records, then would open their books of the present life or a past one, where he would find all the answers for his clients. His wife would assist him, the same way as I assist Adriana. 

As you can see, this is nothing new or that was not done before, just the means and technique are a bit different this time. They are similar in principle, withstanding the test of time, and have been proven to be the most valuable methods, as they were re-validated over time, with great results. 

Edgar Cacey did over 14.000 readings in the Akashic Records, and worked with medical doctors from Virginia, thus helping a lot of people to heal. All these doctors agreed with and acknowledged his treatment recommendations that he would bring back from the Akashic records.

With all this being said, I just want to encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity and have a surrogate session done just for yourself. We are here for you, and you can reach out to us easily by going to CONTACT on this website,


It is with great Love and humbleness that Adriana and I are offering our service to others and helping them to find the answers that they were looking for. 

This is sacred work which causes enlightening experiences for those involved; and we do this from the heart space, in coherence with our minds, and in accordance with the Universal Laws, which are connected with the Source of All That Is. We are both highly intuitive and sensitive Light Workers, well seasoned in working with the highest Energies and Light Codes. 

If you know anyone in need of such technique, maybe a loved one, a close friend or acquaintance, please pass along this information! Adriana and I will be more than honored to be of help. 


This is not meat to replace any medical procedures or treatments. If you have any serious medical condition, please address your family doctor or specialist immediately.

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