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Title : QHHT SessionRating : 0.0Author * : MandanaDate: : October 9, 2017Location : Custom1 : Custom1 : Website : Testimonial *I had such an amazing and one of a kind experience! I have learned a lot from Violeta! Thank you so much Violeta! My father passed away in 2011 and once I asked him to come to my dream and tell me if he was doing OK. So the same night, I I had a dream: he was on the other side and there was a white counter separating us from each other and I asked him how is it like over there? He repeated three words three times and and then I asked him to tell me more but he said I'm not allowed to. Then I repeated those three words over and over to remember but when I woke up in the morning I only remembered one of the words/sentences: he said "its all joy's all's all joy... Then after the session with you The next day or two, the second word came to my mind! It was: "Love"....The other thing he said was: it's all love... it's all's all love....for six years I had been trying to remember those three things that he told me about the other side! And now the second one came to me! 11:11 AM And oh my God for split of a second the word "happiness" just came into my mind right now! And another thing, the day after our session I was taking a salt bath and was processing our session and meditating, then I remembered what you said about "love" and gratefulness and right away a bubble shaped like a heart appeared in the water! I got chills when I saw the heart shaped bubble! JOY...LOVE ...HAPPINESS...

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