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Title : Title of TestimonialRating : 0.0Author * : LilyDate: : October 28, 2017Location : Los AngelesCustom1 : Custom1 : Website : Testimonial *I recently had the pleasure of experiencing a QHHT session with Violeta . Her soft but master skillful approach helped me easily relax my mind chatter in order to access the higher knowledge . In my journey , I have discovered deep rooted issues from childhood that were buried in my subconscious and were impeding and affecting my sleep and my life in general . I have also learned a great deal about my relationship with my mom, my family and was able to heal and move forward from all the aches and pains , understanding the bigger picture of things , under compassionate and gentle guidance of Violeta . The session made a great positive impact in my life , I can feel big changes in my overall health and I am sleeping better . I am really humbled and grateful that I had the chance to immerse in such a deep and beautiful session . Honestly I hope that many of you reading these words will have the opportunity to experience a “maestro” at work 🙂 it will make a great difference in your life as it did in mine . Good luck to you all and have no doubt , you are in great hands ! Much love , Lily