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Title : One year after my sessionRating : 0.0Author * : GetaDate: : September 27, 2017Location : Custom1 : Custom1 : Website : http://Website-OptionalTestimonial *Dear Violeta, It's been a year from the date that we held our first meeting. Although I was sure that that session with you was going to be interesting, I didn't know that it will also provide me with an instrument that I can continuously integrate into my life, starting from that moment. You could "decipher" for me some of the things that I did not know about me, and encourage me on my own path. Having that session made me realize what was happening in my life (I am a children story writer and I "channel" these stories in a altered mind state similar to hypnosis). But to go beyond that, also, in this meditative state of mind that I learned from you, I could heal a very big health issue that somehow I developed. I had thyroid problems, and the doctor's opinion was that I have to surgically remove the thyroid (and be on medication all my life.. ). Having the idea that nothing happens without a reason (how can a storyteller had thyroid -communication, problem), that was a big issue. As Violeta said, everything is as it should be, and everything is happening at the right moment. If you could only pay more attention to yourself, you'll get the answers by yourself. A door was opened in that moment. A year passed, I had enough time to "chew" on what happened, things got arranged in such a way that this "instrument" was about to change my life as I knew it. After reading a book that explained how you should try to uncover your emotions behind other emotions, I tried that too. You have to somehow set you mind in that altered stare, close to hypnosis, and let it guide you through this process. You should not think with your mind, but just observe the things that appear. I'm not such a big fan of kids, and my mind was telling me that I have a fear of responsibility and commitment. That is what my mind thought it knew. But when I tried to "uncover" things, from that meditative state, just peeling off emotions, I discovered at the bottom of all emotions that I never wanted to come to life. I just simply didn't want to be born again. Because I had an amazing childhood and everything was OK, I have somehow forgot about it for many years. When I got pregnant with my daughter, I somehow, remembered all this, and I, at subconscious level, started the "I wish I wasn't born" program again. I begun to "choke' myself. It is true that, when I was going up the steps to my bedroom , I felt something attached to me (like an energy) in my throat area, something that had it's fingers around my neck.. It did occurred to me a few times that I could be the ONE doing this to me, only it had no logic. Not until I discovered my program. Now my program is over, I discovered the emotions behind it, I understood it and my thyroid felt almost instantly better. I have no more throat pressure and difficulties when I swallow. I am also scheduled to a scan exam, but I know now how to deal with the problem. My life is beginning to be more magical than I thought, it also has a different color and a brand new flavor! Thank you!