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Title : Title of TestimonialRating : 0.0Author * : IoanaDate: : April 10, 2018Location : Custom1 : Custom1 : Website : Testimonial *Hello, A wanted a little time to pass before I told you how my regression was for me. The first few hours were very interesting, I was still floating for a long time. Serenity would be the word that would describe how I felt after my session. At the same time, I noticed that my senses became very keen. While on the train, on my way back home, I could hear what people were talking about from afar. I still have this calm. My general perception changed. I see deeply into the things around me and I don’t have that feeling of attachment anymore, that unhealthy attachment is gone. Another interesting observation is that the next day, all the people that I’ve met, known or unknown, were very nice to me, like in a very special way. I believe that my vibration has changed, I have a sensation of openness, of endless, the sensation that I am limitless, I have got this beautiful peace. I hope that it will last. And yes, I have become aware of my force, of what it is and what I can do with it. I have an incredible clarity. I haven’t listened to my recording yet, but I will tonight. I thought I would do it before I go to bed. I thank you very much for this past Thursday! It was like a time out. Ioana