This is not a quick one hour session, it is different then a clinical hypnosis session and is a rather one that devotes total focus and time of the hypnotherapist to you. It is fully a one-to-one process between you and your hypnotherapist with no-one else included. One session can last up to 5 hours. The whole process has two parts, the first one being the interview lasting up to 2 hours and the second one being the QHHT, lasting up to 3 hours.

The first step of any session begins at your home where you need to write down a list of questions you would like answered. These can cover any subject from your relationship and career issues to health queries and discovery of your Life Purpose.

Here are some examples of questions that you might have:

  • What is my purpose here on Earth?
  • Why did I choose to come here?
  • What is my destiny?
  • What are the reasons behind my health issues?
  • Can the health issues be cured?
  • What is my connection with the important people in my life?


The Interview

The second step is an interview process, which can last up to 2 hours. A hypnotherapy session always begins with a client sharing their concerns, problems, or issues at hand, just as one would do to begin a regular talk-therapy session. The hypnotherapist listens and takes careful notes to insure that key words or phrases spoken by the client be used during the trance-state portion of the session. By attending to the exact verbiage, it takes the client deeper into their emotions where their real work begins. This is a crucial step as it is necessary for your hypnotherapist to gain a clear understanding of you as a person and your reasons for undertaking the regressive hypnosis session.

During this stage we will review your questions for the Subconscious and their importance and relevance to you, we will identify any health concerns that you would want treated. You will be presented with the working method, its implications, to understand it in order to have faith in it to relax properly. This process also gives you the opportunity to voice any concerns you may have about the process and to ensure that you feel confident, safe, valued and respected.

You will be informed about releasing the control and expectations in order to fully relax and have a successful session.

The Induction

Third step of the session is the induction, or process that directs you to a comfortable and pleasant state of relaxation. This step involve being in a relaxed position, lying down on a couch.

An induction into a state of hypnosis can involve many different techniques, however, the goal is to bring the client into deeper and deeper states of relaxation. It’s common for a client to feel like they are not hypnotized, as the conscious mind remains active throughout the entire session. The more a client allows themselves to let go into deeper states of relaxation, the more beneficial the session. The ironic thing is, though, most clients don’t call a hypnotherapist unless they are ready to do the deep work of their soul. So relax and enjoy!

Once you are fully relaxed and feel happy you will be led by your Greater Subconscious Mind to an appropriate earlier experience of a previous life (95% of the times) and sometimes in the current life( if there are important matters that need to be addressed) that will address the questions you have brought.

An experienced hypnotherapist keeps the client feeling safe at all times, even when abreactions occur. A client can interrupt a session at any time and be brought back to their place of comfort and serenity or merely stop the session at this point.

The Subconscious

The next step takes place once your previous life or life situation has been sufficiently explored. Your hypnotherapist will then request permission from your Greater Subconscious to ask the questions you brought.

The Subconscious knows everything there is to know about an individual and the life they are living now, so one of the first actions taken by the hypnotherapist is to ask the Subconscious the questions an individual has about their own life. Obtaining this information on behalf of the individual is crucial to the healing aspect of the technique as it provides them with comfort, support and greater understanding in many different areas of their life. The Subconscious will only choose to share information that is appropriate at the time and information that will only be of benefit to the individual.

The Healing

​The Subconscious has the ability to identify any physical problem it detects within the body to the hypnotherapist and explain the causes for its presence, be it from the current life or a past life. The Subconscious is then asked if it is suitable for healing to occur, which, if it is, is done instantaneously with no medication, surgery or pain involved. In other cases, the healing will continue for a determined period of time, for this is a working process, depending on what is the most appropriate for the client. The Greater Subconscious will decide what is the most beneficial for the client because the Subconscious knows the client very well Very often, simply understanding why a disease is present or why a particular emotion is being experienced is sufficient for it to be relieved and removed by the Subconscious.

Getting out of trance

This final stage will lead you back to full consciousness after which details of your experience will be discussed with you. After an individual has been brought out of trance and they have taken a few minutes to adjust and find their center, the QHHT Practitioner will discuss the events of the session with them. This part of the session includes a description of the Past Life that was experienced, which most people have limited memories of but need greater clarification on, a description of what messages the Subconscious had for the individual and what they want the individual to know, and finally the answers to the questions the person had about their life which the Subconscious provides in great clarity and detail.

The whole session is audio recorded of the full proceedings for your convenience, to listen to and explore further at your own leisures so you can review it as many times as you want in order to understand the messages from the Subconscious, the lessons to be learned and the subtlety of the whole session. You will be provided at the end the audio file as MP3 file.

Please note that while I’m making every effort to use the excellent training and knowledge I had received from live courses with Dolores Cannon, neither I, nor anyone using this method, can guarantee that it will provide a cure for all illnesses. While this method is highly effective and has been shown numerous times to be a powerful healing tool for many people, there are some occasions when healing is simply not possible. I am the facilitator between the Client and the Client’s Higher Self and I’m only able to work with individuals who are ready at a soul level to receive the healing available to them at the appropriate time for them.

Furthermore, there are a few people who, for whatever reason, simply cannot be hypnotized. Once again, I will use all of my skills and knowledge to do the very best I can with everyone, but I cannot guarantee that I can or will be able to hypnotize everyone, and unfortunately cannot know whether you are someone who is a candidate for hypnosis prior to your session.

After a session, a client usually feels like they can breathe easier, due to the release of so much penned-up, emotional energy. Just to make sure that one feels fully grounded; it’s good to relax for 10-20 minutes before driving a car.

Throughout the whole of the regressive hypnosis process you will be fully respected and supported by your hypnotherapist