When I discovered Dolores Cannon, hypnotist with over 40 years of experience, what she created and perfected, the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, the courses and the work method that I took, another big change happened in my life. This new change build my confidence that all our seeking, all our existential questions and all the power comes from inside. All we need is inside us. From there comes our power to realize whatever comes to mind, to heal ourselves, to literally change our reality and our future.

Learning who we really are and what is the meaning of the actual life we become stronger, more confident and more calm and what is most important, more open towards all new experiences that the Universe sends us, experiences that each one of us attracts according to our needs and lessons that we have to learn.

First time I met Dolores Cannon through her books, the Internet and YouTube videos. I read her books and listened to her with enchantment. I felt that everything that she states fits me. My live meeting with Dolores Cannon happened in 2010, in Great Britain, at the Level 1 QHHT course, that she teaches all over the world. In 2011 we met again in the same place for the Level 2 of the QHHT course.

With Dolores in 2010
With Dolores in 2011

From 2010 I started working with her method only a week after returning from the course.

Now I am a Dedicated Practitioner Level 3, which gives me the freedom to practice her method anywhere in the world, the course being accredited by the Vocational Institute of Florida, USA. Dedicated means that I am a member in an international professional community in USA, where Dolores Cannon lives, community that keeps me informed on continual education. Level 3 Practitioner means that I passed the top most level training on QHHT. The QHHT training is recognized by the Past Life Therapist Association from Great Britain.

My previous professional education and experience helped me a lot with the regressive hypnosis technique because is complementary to QHHT.

My professional experience includes a ten year medical background as a registered nurse, eight years in private practice as a psychologist and psychotherapist also in Romania and, on top of that, seven years experience as a hypnotist trained by Dolores Cannon herself and hundreds of clients.

I have also studied the Radiance Technique, Radiesthesy, Silva Mind Control, Numerology and EFT. I also do Moon Rituals, Chakra balancing and dream interpretation.

I am bilingual so the regressive hypnosis sessions that I can offer can be in English or Romanian.

The experiences that I live together with my clients are beyond wonderful. From each client I have learned something new and I thank each and everyone of them, always in Gratitude!

This need of knowing one self is at the top of the human needs pyramid of Abraham Maslov.  Only when the human consciousness arises, when the human individual asks existential questions and when she/he feels that there is more to life then what it seemed to be, when the thinking evolves from “To Have”  towards“TO BE”,  only then he or she are ready for their own Initiatic Journey.

All hypnosis is self hypnosis, and all healing is self healing. I am merely a facilitator.

On a personal level, I was born in a wonderful small  country in Eastern Europe, called Romania. I have been married to my husband for 26 years and we have two wonderful children.

I AM in Balance and Harmony! <3 I AM Love! I am the Universe!

Violeta Stoica
Hypnotist – Level 3 regressive hypnosis QHHT method by Dolores Cannon.

Psychologist and Adlerian Psychotherapist licensed in Romania

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