This is an article written by someone who underwent a QHHT session six years ago and I was the facilitator. Enjoy!

I will write these down on paper from multiple points of view.

Even during this year there had been many important and delicate situations. I feel that now it is the time to write about this transitional period through which I am passing. Here are the conclusions. …

I would like to say that for a while I’ve been observing that which others call “Illumination”. I’ve realized that what I am actually looking for is far away from this tag (although it is called Illumination).

Everything started from my wish of finding out more about this life. There were the first meetings with a master in healing techniques, initiations in healing techniques and then that moment in which a hypnosis therapy session occurred. A session that normally would had been maybe a half hour, it took almost three. Where unplanned and unexpected, another reality, another world was made known to me. Here I’ve discovered myself, here I showed myself that which nowhere in writing I could find, that which is not even today. Actually, in that day I’ve rediscovered myself.

And I continued on this road wishing to discover as much as I can. Unique experiences, one after another followed, each of them being from outside of this world. Aside of this the life as human was flowing in a normal way but with a slightly gradual growth. The improvement of life’s quality as it is also called, was quite obvious. Workplaces changed. People around me changed as well. A mix of worlds, of extremes, of experiences.

My diet changed and quite an extreme change. I used to eat a lot of meat products and now I am almost to be a total vegetarian. In truth, a lot changed in these six years. I was observing what my body was saying to me, I was observing my well-being states which followed after a fasting period or the unpleasant states that followed the consumption of meat products. Yes, after I was consuming meat products I felt my body being a lot heavier, as though the body’s limbs being heavier and a bit larger than usual. Even the mind was being more assaulted by “dark” thoughts, fatal scenarios, scenarios that end tragically, emphasized stressful states and all of these apparently were growing in intensity by the day. On the other hand, I was thinking in a more intense way and had unbeatable logic results.
But of what use when I feel lighter after eating vegetable meals? With more calm, with rare and low intensity stressful states, I saw in this new way of feeding something beneficial. Although the mind does not think in the same manner…. It is also true that the scenarios are no longer the same and as many as when eating meat products and I can say that the pleasant scenarios are more often. Even the logical thinking is almost inexistent. Interesting fact is that I’ve learned to listen to my intuition and somehow, I am asking the whole being if and how to proceed in a certain situation.  And it never failed. Even more interesting is the fact that by having an “empty” mind, I could observe a connection with the wisdom of the unseen being, of the soul, of the Spirit. Often seems like the world stops and I see an image send from the Spirit which I am quickly translating it and that which I say about it is the story of that image which in fact is the answer to the situation that I am confronting with. Help does not come from the thinking anymore, from the intellect, from how others were doing it (information which is present in the Leficatrums to which the mind is connecting) but it comes from Spirit, divinity, from our guide, from our watchman and protector. A lot of people might prefer other tags. No matter which these are, I’ve started to re-discover the connection and to know that I can count on Him, on the help he is relentlessly offering.

Of course, there are other unseen forms that guide us, angels, archangels, Jesus, Buddha, God, crystals, amulets, sayings and parables, our parents’ words, and so on. All that we’ve heard and seen are actually our guides here. We are guiding ourselves according to this big book in which we wrote everything we’ve heard and seen. It has become our book (also called PERSONALITY), the guide which we open in the times when we are lost. Quite often, man looks in it and then it recites to the world that which he wrote. This is how man was taught to react, to interact with this world. Still I’ve seen that it can be different and this different way is the ticket for each and every one in finding its own truth.

A first conclusion is actually the diet. I’ve realized that the path you choose must be sustained by many other factors. One of them is the diet. According to the chosen path it is necessary to choose the diet as well, a diet that could help in keeping you on that path, a diet that will help you to not deviate from that path, a diet that could help you discard old principles and methods, states of being, thoughts, scenarios, people, situations… of things that do not resonate with the choice that you’ve made with regards to the path.

If you want to have more peace and quiet, a meat based diet won’t help you. If you want to be in the centre of attention in the middle of the party just by having a salad based diet won’t help you either. The situations and factors don’t resonate one with each other, being different, contrasting, sometimes to the extreme.

Diet with meat, milk, alcohol, coffee… can’t get you in states of quietness no matter how often you would meditate or be going to church. Perhaps, quietness you may find when you are exhausted and have no more energy. The same for the other side.

Diet without meat, milk, alcohol, coffee won’t make you the life of the party, because you are already calm and quiet, but you can become a master which teaches this quietness for those who are seeking it, so there you are in the center of everyone’s attention.

Whatever is the path, pay attention to the diet as well and see if it helps you or hinders you. Forget the fact that you will lose or gain weight, or how many calories you need or what minerals a tomato can supply.  Be conscious of the path that you are on and the one you want to continue with and the diet will be transformed and will resonate with you and the chosen path without even knowing it. Information from nowhere will appear. Now forms of feeding, suggestions, without even looking for them will appear. And in that moment if you recognize them and accept them you will see the changes and you will witness wonderful results. Keep the vision of the path and the correct diet will follow. You will automatically discard that which you will observe it won’t make you any good anymore, that which does not help you anymore, that which is toxic for what you have set in mind, that which can slow you down on your path. Have faith that the guides will be next to you and will help you, gradually, to have a proper and adequate diet to the path that you had taken and also to the specific moment that you find yourself into at that time.

The way I look upon this world has changed. I was used to criticize, to gossip, say nonsense, wanted to control the situations and people. This is how I was taught and so I wrote in my own book and from it I was reciting and manifest. Therefore, all these last years I’ve rewritten many passages. With a lot of will I passed many situations. What I observed was that certain situations come only when you are ready and able to attend to the passing “exam”. I always say that the situation does not matter, it is just a light bulb that lights-up and shows you that there is something in you that triggers a certain reaction, a certain state of being, a certain way to manifest in similar situations.

Everywhere I find in writing “the anger comes from within you, not from outside”. Here is what I believe with regards to this idea.

When you are born you are total joy. You are not born with anger or hate. I’ve found that actually those whom are already here, when they speak, think, observe, when physically manifest, they release a vibration, a form of energy which has a specific imprint of their states of being, thoughts and books written by them.

When somebody makes you angry and is doing it consciously then that person through what it is doing is offering you an energy which disturbs the state of being in which you are (usually a tranquil one). This energy is inferior to your vibrational state and thus the body reacts in that moment when is being “hit” by this energy wave. This happens because man has been taught to offer back according to what he received! If you receive a slap then give one back. This is today’s man principle. But you should know that if you receive a slap and instead you will offer a blessing from you heart which you feel it like an energy wave which spreads all round, so that the man in front of you can be cleansed of his own suffering, this is a lesson that I am offering.

When somebody gets you angry and is doing it unconsciously it is something different from the one written above but in fact the anger is given by a single phrase written in the book (still not from within but from the book). It can sound like “I am scared of anyone whom will disturb my positive state of being, my good mood”. Anger intervenes when the situation in which we are (which is a pleasant one) is interrupted by an external factor. It also intervenes when we are set to do something and the result is against our expectation. Whatever it is, all have a connection with our good mood and the fact that “something” will disturb us and will get us out of this state (here’s the bubble). If you would see yourself in an unpleasant situation and this is interrupted you will see that you will be glad it is like this. So then, what’s all about this then?

I’ve found a few options.

I see one which is quite important in the fact that we believe that everything is and must be the same. We believe that everything is permanent. Because of this, we attached to things, people, situations, states of being. This is why we want to be only in a good mood. Careful though, we know something, but because we’ve attached of this outcome and way of being, this is why things appear to be distorted.

It must be understood the fact that the only thing which is permanent is the fact that everything is in a continuous change, transformation, that everything has an “expiration” date, everything degrades and then is reborn. Every being has a cycle of life, some people live 40 years others 100. Objects can last 5 years others 50. A car can be driven 50.000 km without any problems whilst others only after 10.000 show malfunction. An apple from the market can have taste whilst one bought from the supermarket it might be just water. But in the same way things can go backwards. It is called variety. Even you if you walk on the same road towards work, sometimes you would choose a different one just because you want to change a bit your mornings.

When it is said that nothing stays the same it is referred to the fact that at material level under the influence of a few factors everything degrades. That which is called “material” is assimilated under other forms, by other forms, but its energetic essence moves, reconfigures and can remain like this or it can reappear under a different material form. Of course, these are applicable only to this world. There are plenty of unknown and incomprehensible things when we are speaking of other worlds, dimensions, parallel planes, Skies, Hells, Heavens and any other realms mentioned throughout mankind.

Energetic essence is. Everything is. Material, immaterial, physic, energetic, vibrational, smell, sound, light, dark, air, water, earth, fire, metal, wood, man, animal, tree, flower, bee, quart crystal, stone from sidewalk, the sidewalk, everything, everything is energy, is life. A pleasant term for these would be frozen energetic essence. And no matter if a stone “lives” more than man, even this one at a certain moment will be transformed in dust and then in who knows what sort of concrete composite, which will degrade in 100 years or so and then it will be placed for keeping in a layer of earth which will be squeezed by tens of hundreds of years and then who know what civilization will pull it out and will call it “marble”. Thus, understanding this phenomenon and integrating it within us will be of great use.

Fear of the unknown is another “useful” factor to anger and not just anger. Speaking about anger there is also the fear of the already known but this one is much more complex. This is rarely based on personal experiences being quite often based on the experiences of others, gossip and fictitious scenarios heard at the telly or throughout the discussions taken during dinner. Sincerely a waste of time…

Fear of the unknown creates worry and man has no tranquility. His tranquil state is constantly disturbed. As long as this type of fear exists there won’t be any peace. The way anger is made by this sort of fear is hard to be observed, but the mechanism is quite simple. Because of the fear of seeing what is farther or what’s it going to be like, you block yourself, you limit yourself and this will often create anger.

Why am I getting angry or better said why am I annoyed when people around me are doing things which I am considering them as being “foolish” or “without logic”? Because of fear of the effects of what could follow. Because of fear, by this I mean worrying about myself, for others or even for that person. Observing what actually is happening I realize that in fact I am being pulled out of harmony, from my well-being, from love. I am pulled out of this in fact. You don’t believe this do you?

There is that the ego of that person is doing this, wishing to show you his superiority. It can do this only if it pulls you out of your “zen” environment and gets you under his feet. Sincerely, this is what is happening. I saw that if you give a smile and let the life flow, usually that person suffers, because he did not succeed to pull you out of your well-being. He suffers because you did not take his energy. He suffers that you did not care for him. He suffers because you are not afraid.

When we are calm (tranquil) we are inside our bubble. When anger is there it means we’ve been pulled out of our bubble and pulled towards zones that lack bubbles or even within the bubble of the ones whom are pulling. Thus, anger is made outside and not within. If you would be inside your bubble, you would be eternally tranquil. The body being nurtured by the bubble (to understand that the bubble is a sphere created by you for regeneration and well-being) can’t be but in normal parameters. Anger comes from outside of the body and not from within.

Inside you are LIGHT which generates love, happiness and joy.

When you are at work you are not within your bubble almost all the time. You can’t hardly wait for the break so that you can withdraw somewhere, alone, so that you can have a tranquil moment. There is the moment where the bubble is restored.

What can you do so that you will always be inside the bubble when speaking of being at work? Look at your colleagues and bosses like they are a bunch of mannequins. Smile to them all the time no matter what they will say or ask. Ignore their presence and ignore that starting feel of anger. Look at you inside your body and start looking for your spark. Extend it through you outside of your body. Create a temporary barrier between you and that person. Energetically you are transmitting to him/her what you are and thus you are blocking whatever claw of his that could pull you out of your bubble. Then focus your attention on your bubble and strengthen its colour. You can decorate it with flowers, healing symbols, ribbons that have blessings written on them, symbols, mantras, prayers, whatever you think it may help heal and strengthen the bubble. Still it needs to be understood that this bubble is not a protection bubble, it IS the result of your energetic vibration and it is always there. Look at it as the immune system if this helps. The bubble keeps inside of it the vibration that you are creating, day by day by day by day. If you are often upset it means that you must work on strengthening your bubble. Pay more attention and importance to it.

Everybody has something to learn. When someone is doing something that is disturbing you and whatever you told him, either to help him, swear him, correct him, judge him… no matter all of these each of us has something to learn. You, for example, you are learning about the way you react and the way you speak, how to behave, what is that you should feel, what you want, what you do not want, etc… the same is for the other. I mentioned “mannequins” because it is an easy way which you can apply when regards the detachment from people. Obviously, the persons are full of life, but in help for detachment, to look at them as them being mannequins it allows you in a quite easy way to come back inside your bubble where you can become calm again, from where you can express compassion, empathy, love, joy. YOU not being “in your waters”, meaning that not being inside your bubble, it is impossible that you.. be YOU. You will be everything else, rather what the other person wants you to be or in most cases, you will be a full state defined as “servant” or “slave”. You won’t be able to be tranquil, you won’t be able to access intuition or wisdom. You will be pulled out and will answer and interact by following your survival animal instincts and rarely with your intellect (mind). You will react in this way because the access to your true self is forbidden. You are getting annoyed quickly and spontaneous at even the smallest insignificant thing and you do not know why? It means that you are outside of your bubble and you are far away from it. Solving? Imagine yourself creating a bubble around you, with all colors (rainbow) with the intention that you want to be again the true You. Create those ribbons or symbols or flowers and just float and play with them inside the bubble, all round you, visually. And now tell your body that he is inside the bubble, feel and perceive this whole thing with your whole being. Smile and observe the body senses with regards to what has been done (it is felt like you would stop all your thoughts and you are starting to listen with the being, feel with the skin and pineal gland).

I’ve observed diverse dialogues when being inside the bubble. The person in front of me was moaning and was just talking and talking. I was conscious of the bubble, I was smiling, I was looking at that person with compassion, giving him from time to time a wave of love and tranquility. I passed the stage with the mannequin and now I wasn’t seeing him in that way, I could just perceive him as a living being which needed to empty his body of suffering and issues and it is now in front of me. I did not allow him to pull me out of the bubble. Caution though, when you are “singing in his strings” meaning that you will start talking on his notes, believing that in this way you will help him, by accepting his pain or giving him advices, beware!!! … you are out of you bubble and you had started to take from him the energies which he is sending out (which he moaned about) and if you do not know how to cleanse yourself, you will take them home with you and will grow them with your family. Experimented this 100 % chance that it is like this. You should not care what others are saying about their problems. You should not gossip just to hear others’ problems. You will take them with you, you will grow them and will live with them with your closest ones.

When you imagine yourself arguing with someone but you still are in your bubble, it means that there is a claw, a connection between you and that person. Get rid of it quickly. Imagine that person that it has a long rope that ends with a claw and this claw is effectively somewhere on your body. Put your hand on it visually but you can do this physically and take the claw from your body throwing it away far from your bubble (outside of it). Follow the claw as it goes back to its owner. Give thanks to the person knowing that it has been enough. Obviously, a hole remained in the bubble but you can look at the hole with a smile and close it. Look with the same smile at the bubble and at the way you are feeling right now. Forget about that person, ignoring what might happen next, thus ignoring to look at another scenario that might follow after what you have done. Focus on your well-being, on your healing and regeneration. You have done nothing but to release yourself and that’s it. The choice is yours because you want to be you. Because you have liberated yourself from a claw it means that you decided that you won’t give energy to that person anymore, a person which through that connection (the rope with claw) was feeding with your energy, forcing you to give to him your vital energy. From now on ignore that person and beware each time you are meeting or have debates with this person. You can visualize the mannequin exercise if it helps. Ignore this person because it would like to reconnect and take again vital energy (being that he might know or not about this, these sorts of persons must be avoided or if they are part of family, they must be guided and helped but not by offering them your vital energy). Come back to what you were doing and smile. You are lighter and from now on you have more energy for yourself and for what you intend to do next.

Spiritual Illumination does not mean that you should be a slave for others, slave of thoughts, slave of scenarios, slave of fear, hate, anger, depression, slave to other forms that oblige you to do something else than what you are. In fact it means that you should liberate from others, from other’s thoughts, others’ fears, of others’ hate and anger, of others’ depression and other forms that oblige you to be something else than what you are. To achieve rediscovering yourself, you, the original, to be you, to live what you are. From the all known “models” from this world’s religions I understood that they were not obeying to other religious “models” but by the contrary they were seeking to find themselves, looking for love or freeing themselves from suffering, and once they’ve found themselves they stayed loyal to themselves so that later, man will create huge churches and temples to thank them but not to look to find themselves… no? LOL, c’mon.. let’s be serious… It is good to have a base level from where you can start, but you must want to find yourself and to start looking for yourself.

All that you heard until now it exists, even the strangest things. The base idea is that you should sort what you hear and see what you can make use of what you hear with the intention of your liberation from all of the written above. You must not want happiness, or joy or stay away from suffering. Leave them where they are.

They are this world. You are not. You are everything else than what you can find in this world. I repeat.

You are not this world. Forget about stories that we are one and this sort of ideas. Who is reading them has no way of understanding them. But, you are not this world. You are indescribable. There is nothing in this world which can describe you. Just as no one can describe divinity here, is the same for you. I am not referring to Tiberiu but to you the one who is reading this. This is why you need to look for information, read, experiment what you read and these will bring you closer to finding yourself, YOU, the original.

I often tested the principle:

“circumstances don’t matter and do not manifest/create reality but your state of being matters and only this manifest/creates reality” a saying which I totally approve and I apply it as often as I can (look for channel Bashar, from him this idea came). I tested and there were plenty of situations in which if I would of let things being driven by the probable scenarios and by fear that I’ve had in my head, perhaps that’s what it would had been. But I ignored all of these, I changed my attitude, smiled, created trust in myself and with a certain focus I impregnated with blessed energies whatever I was having in front of me. Circumstance (the situation I was confronted with) did not matter anymore, it was just me and the way I was feeling, the energetic vibration to which I was attending to, less thoughts but good ones.

It also helped to identify myself with what I felt at a certain moment in my life as being in an excellent state of being (sort of happy moment). This is like a checkpoint, an important moment in my life through which I lived and it remained as a reference point from where I could restart again to align myself with what I am. It’s like you would drive on a road by car and you want to get out of the car because of different aspects (temptations) and lose yourself in the forest in which this road is. Time spent in the forest will make you forget why you were going on that road and how. The mentioned checkpoint remembers you that you should know you have a car, which is parked on a road and that you know its position and how to get to it and that sometime ago you got out of it. The fact that you remember is represented by this checkpoint. Once you have identified (remembered) you will be brought really quickly in that state of well being or car. Checkpoints are not forgotten, but can be “avoided” if the temptations are too great (curiosity… pfff). Thus, no matter of circumstances, no matter of how situations are, I ignore them. I’m orienting myself quickly towards myself and to the way I feel and take action. Even if initially you might see that it doesn’t work do not give up. It is just the Universe which asks if you are sure of what you want. Maintaining the good state of being, even growing this feeling (also knowing the ones above), situations will take a fascinating turn. Just keep in mind to not give up. Just smile and be confident bust especially feel yourself full with love and the fact that you know that the Universe and truth are on your side right now. Have faith in yourself. Even today a sweet dog was barking at me for apparently no reason. Obviously, there was a time when I was scared, but knowing the above, in that moment I just smiled, stayed in my bubble (did not panicked, wasn’t scared) and just walked by.

Still I am not watching the telly and I do not prefer to read the news. Still I tested a few times to see what is „new”.  Well nothing new really… it was the same, how somebody was killed, what kind of accidents, fires, fights in politics, monkey stuff at the tv, what kind of silicone boobs and how much they cost… so.. enough reasons to know that they are useless at personal level, unless I wanted to stay locked inside my house because of the fear (fictitious one) written by others. It might be real for others, but knowing that circumstances do not matter but only the state of being does… well.. I guess it is better to choose to be in a good mood and a high state of being and to create my life according to this level of vibration. Mobile phones, tablets, I felt them and if I hold a phone on the table at about 20cm from my arm, I feel that the skins starts to feel as it is burning, sensation that gets inside the skin after a few minutes… and this with the phone in stand-by mode. You should see what sensation is when you are holding the phone with both your hands. Spikes and tingling sensations in the hands..

I will explain why the TV, phone, tablet, Youtube, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, etc… should not be used. Of course using them you have access to information… LOL… generic thinking if you are thinking this… but let’s see in more detail..

Everything is energy and vibration. As it was demonstrated in an experiment (Masaru Emoto), that to water from within a small plate to which nice words were said, blessings, prayers, and then this water was frozen and examined, its structure changed into something really beautiful. When to water there were addressed bad word, swearing, etc… its structure in frozen state was chaotic. O.K.

Human body is composed of 70-75-80% water, so guess what I am about to tell you…

If from the TV an apocalyptic information is received, terror, diseases, crimes, what do you think it happens to the water from inside your body? What do you think it happens to your body?

Writing… a word is composed of letters, no? The letters themselves are symbols. These symbols contain themselves energy, a footprint. Putting them in a certain order, you have a word. To a word, so to a certain string of symbols, it was imprinted an energy with intention. This is why when you read “clean” is clear that it cannot be “dirty” or when you read “I used the knife which i received it as a gift to cut bread and then put some jam on it” this cannot be “I used the knife which i received it as a gift to cut heads of living chickens and to threaten losers on the streets”. Maybe at first phrase you didn’t feel much, but I am sure that the second one moved you a bit. WELL!!! This is what you are confronted daily. The thing is that you get used to a certain type of information and you are not even aware that you are being hit non-stop with that kind of energy that transforms the water from your body, into a liquid that can generate disease and stupidity. Not knowing what you choose, with what you are dealing with… this is where you need to correct things. Even more “pleasant” is the fact that information which is consciously unfiltered (radio in background) is entering straight into the body. It’s like having a great castle, with huge defending walls and on the other side is the enemy… but you have your gates largely opened and you do not know they are like that (or do not care).

I observe bottles of water and see symbols (there was a Trinity symbol – Triquetra on a bottle of Borsec water), on wine bottles which have tens of medals with Latin writings, or heraldry on bottles of beer, or there was a long time ago in a political campaign where a party had on street banners infinity symbols being “authentic Romanian symbols”. The cross, OM symbol, mantras, prayers on icons, sayings, motto, logos all have something imprinted in them. Why do you think that you prefer Carrefour instead of Kaufland (supermarkets)? Of course, the colors bring huge amount of importance when speaking of preferences, but maybe something inside you prefers the French than the Germans, maybe because the French have great love and Paris is romantic to you whilst Hitler was born in Germany and maybe you are not such a fan of them because they’ve built a wall that separated their country. But maybe you prefer Kaufland because the Germans have Oktoberfest and beer is really good with Romanian pork dish called “mici” but even more maybe you like their Mercedes-Benz cars whilst French language it’s too hard to speak and learn for you. For sure you see just an arrow in the logo of Carrefour, but never had seen the letter “C” which this arrow is actually making… or the letter is doing the arrow.. aah.. complicated isn’t it?

We really do not know how we’ve been “guided” to certain “preferences”, but everywhere is the same. Messages, texts, TV spots, colors, can drive our lives if we let ourselves driven by them. We mustn’t avoid them but we must read, inform ourselves, see what we are now, today, and understand how much from what we do day by day really represents us. How much? What? I constantly observed myself and I can see my father, my mother, my math teacher, my classmate, my colleague from my last workplace. Yes, I can see myself too. But it is good that you can make the difference.

When you are losing your good mood at work and don’t feel the need to work, is it really you or the fact that you saw that other colleagues are doing this and you actually started to “borrow” this way of being at work from them? When you are entering in 2nd hand shops (thrift shops) to buy some clothes for yourself is it really you or you grandma? When you are filling your tummy with Shawarma (fast food) is it you or your friends? Keep always in mind that the “herd spirit” is toxic. One is to be respectful and be adequately dressed for school and another thing is that you want to be unique and show this to the world (sincerely you should forget of what the world thinks of you, because what the crowd believes is a way of manipulation – to read Nassredin Hodja by Anton Pann with his famous oven). You are unique. When you ask for approval from someone you already want to be someone’s liking and you are getting away from the original you. You are becoming a copy, become someone’s idea, you become.. a puppet, and the strings (those with claws) are all over you.

Important is that you should know inside you that you are unique and live like that. Express that. To be healthy is the most important thing and this is what you usually are being wished when sneezing. Therefore, I can say that these two (being original and healthy) are something to be found and lived, above all the other things, because these two will generate the ones that you actually need. All that you read and see and listen are tools for you to find these two.

What tools are you using now and to what purpose? At the end, don’t forget about the car and mannequins bust specially about the bubble.

Him, Tiberiu.

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