This is a rare session from August 2013, when the person went into the future, instead of regressing into a past life. It was the Higher Self will, not mine, to take the person there.
It is not what we want or what we expect, but rather what Higher Self considers to be useful for the client.
Between parenthesis are my explanations.

V. What is the firs thing that you see here?
A. White, shining Sun. I can look at it. The warm light surrounds me. I am floating on water, but a light beam it telling me to walk on it. I am now floating on the light beam and from up there all I can see is the sapphire blue water.
V. How do you look? What are you wearing?
A. A white dress, it looks like Nature was painted on around my neck. I have a belt. My hair is long and I have something like purple flowers in it. I have a blond, weaved hair and big, blue eyes.
V. How do you feel your body? A. I am young.
V. What do you see there, in the Sun?
A. Everything is bright. There are some white dressed beings, with withe, bright hair, but they are neither women or men. They are happy to see me there. I have been here before, a long time ago. They are showing me maps of stars and planets….Universes…ha ha…they are communicating fast and I don’t understand them….they are communicating telepathically, with no words. They want me to see the configuration. There are connections between planets on multiple layers that are starting to get closer. In every layer, there are different movements, other actions take place, but all of the layers have to come together, to be unite in the same plan. It looks like open bellows from an accordion that has to close.
V. Why do you need to know about it?.
A. The Council is telling me that I already know this and it helps me to better understand how the system works and to communicate better with the others. There are many councils. They are telling me that we need to gather all layers into one spot. It is like dividing. It is like one point that divided, and now it is time to become whole again.
V. Is the Earth on that map?
A. Yes, it is, but it is not just about our sector.
V. Has each planet have many layers that need to converge?
A. Yes, especially us! Because the fields that Earth produces are propagating towards all layers and all planets and the fields are not harmonized and they need to be.
V. Ca you help with harmonization?
A. Yes, I am simply molding the net. They are showing me that I do it with my hands. I am moving them in the air bringing energy from up there into some places that are calling me. It is not only here, on Earth. They are telling me that I go often on other planets to create connections between planets because every planet is a dot in the net and they all need to be connected. The net is only shining when they are all connected because it is necessary that each element to be aligned, more exactly, to resonate with the plan.
V. What is the plan?
A. It is a Divine plan. ..(laughing) is a pleasant work. I am laughing because these beings that are explaining things to me are all very enthusiastic. They are showing me how the planets are created. It is like many, many, many stars are getting together in one place and then they all unite and become a bigger bright star and then we come and others come, too, and we make that planet that was born from the many stars, fertile.

V. What is your part in this creation?
A. It’s like pottery: you are making a clay vase that is very smooth, with no asperity. It is an ongoing process. I am making bridges between planets, not only the new ones.
V. Have you been doing this for a long time? A. From the beginning.
V. Even now, on Earth? A. Yes. They are telling me: “all the time” ..(laughing)..even when awake. They are telling me that I now have become aware of it.
V. Why someone who does such a work would ever want to come on Earth?
A. I have come because I wished for it. I like Mother Earth. She is very beautiful, very kind, tall and
pretty, with long, darkie, like coal hair with rubies, sapphires and emeralds in it. She’s got a waist golden belt, a turquoise dress, like a blending of waters.
V. What can you tell us about Mother Earth? How is she now?
A. Better. They are showing me that the grid lines are more aligned and harmonized. There are still some interruptions, but I know that they will align.
V. What happens when all of them are aligned and harmonized?
A. When they are all aligned, they transform …they are showing me that all is very beautiful…everything becomes like some sort of a crystal, but not like a rigid one, but transparent, bright and beautiful. All people, animals and plants are becoming crystalline and communicating with each other telepathically. I don’t see houses…there are some things…I don’t know how to describe them…there are some places…( it happens frequently for my subjects to not be able to describe what they see in trance because those things are unseen before or they are hard to describe because there is nothing that can relate to) …everything will be like some sorts of water, as crystals, and we are floating, not walking. We can move very fast, we can even fly.
V. Do people look any different?
A. We don’t have clothes, but not necessarily, some of them are dressed in some sort of white dresses (might be robes) and we all are very harmonious as a structure. Physically, we are taller, seven to ten feet. There is no winter or cold weather, there is a very pleasant atmosphere, we are communicating with all plants and animals and we don’t need them to feed on them. We feed differently, from the Source.
V. Are plants and animals any different?
A. Yes, they don’t eat each other and don’t eat plants, either. All of them are crystalline, transparent.
V. Can you ask the Council when will be reaching that stage?
A. They are explaining to me that there is no set date, it all depends on us.
V. What would be desirable for us to do in order to get there? A. To remember who we are.
V. How can we do it, when there is a thick veil that is preventing us from knowing who we are?
A. They know about this.
V. How can we help people to know who they are? Is it our job to do this?
A. Yes, there are people that have this mission.
V. Are they succeeding in helping people to remember who they are?
A. They are showing me some structures that are surrounding the humans, in which they are receiving the information, meaning that this is where the information is being downloaded, but they are not aware of it.
V. Do all people have this information in their external structure?
A. Yes, this is what they are showing me.
V. From where the Council is, above the Earth, can they see us all and tell us in what percentage are we awake?
A. Ha ha ha..they are showing me that they are not above, they are always near the Earth. They are very funny! They are showing me something like lit light bulbs that are awake, but they don’t know that they are awake and they believe that there is no one like them, and they are afraid of expressing it, they believe there is no one else that they can talk with. That is why they all keep quiet, mostly, from the fear of being taking out from where they are and being marginalized.
V. How many are we?
A. Ha ha ha…they are laughing all the time because they are amused by words and especially by the percentages, and they would like to give you one, but it will not be real. They could say that is 70%, but your mind might doubt that and and it amuses them.
V. Is it possible that in our life time, yours and mine, to get to that stage with crystalline people? A. Yes. V. Do we have any outside help?
A. Yes, a lot. They are opening us gates through which they bring, from their dimension, the knowledge we could access and it looks like fluid energy that overflows over Earth and it touches every one of us. We can access it, we only need to clean up the external structures. We have some dark things that look like branches, that keep us..that prevent us from it… because it is us who have to come and push them away, because it, the fluid, is there, but it will not push away those branches that block us. They have said that they are not coming to clean them. It is not allowed for them to intervene. The energies are there and it is up to us to access them.
V. Are there any ET civilizations that are helping us?
A. Yes, they are around the planet, but on it, too. When they are here, they look like us, not otherwise.
V. Are there civilizations that helped create the planet and the life on it?
A. Yes, they are showing me some kind of costumes, that they don’t have bodies like we think of bodies, but rather like something that they can take off, that they can change, like a suit.
V. I would like for them to show up!
A. They are showing me that this will be too brutal.
V. Can they help you find out what is your life’s mission on Earth?
A. They have showed me, in dreams too, where I go, codes in structures that I leave in those places. These codes are realizing the structure. The grid needs those codes. The codes are not from here. I bring them from other planets and other systems. I have them in my structure and I am leaving them here.
V. The places that you go are places on Earth that you have been to?
A. Yes, but not only those. That is why they have showed me the maps. They are telling me that I am like a free spirit moving between all these.
V. Is your work important?
A. Ha ha … they are amused by this word, important! Yes, it is necessary.
V. Regarding your mission, is it necessary or appropriate to do certain things consciously, in this life time, as A.?
A. They are showing me crystals, not necessarily physical, from Earth’s structure. I need to connect to them and activate them. After activating them, a grid is formed, that transmits and harmonizes. I don’t need to imagine them, because I already see them, and only through intention I connect to them. In the very moment that I am connecting with them, they already know what they have to do. The grid is already formed.
V. I am asking them kindly to explain to us what crystals represent. A. Data base, energy amplifiers.
V. People like crystals. They not always know how to use them, but they surround themselves with crystals. Is it beneficial for people?
A. Yes. The communication with crystals is in our nature. It is something related to DNA. It is in our DNA to communicate with them because they have also some sort of DNA.
V. I know that crystals have a form of consciousness, too .
A. Yes, this is how communication is taking place.
V. Are you affecting people, too, through your work?
A. Yes, I am amplifying the grid so they can get to know themselves better, their Divine nature. They are showing me something like a shining grid and, in the moment that people are there, those branches are somehow getting a little out of the way so they can see, but it had to be the people themselves that push them away. They are getting an opportunity to see.

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