I would like to talk here about The Divine Reveal in general, but also about my own experience with it.

What is The Divine Reveal? TDR for short is a brand new quantum healing hypnosis method created by my colleague Malka Ahern,. TDR is an energy healing technique that is based on Anita Moorjani’s own Near Death Experience  and book in which she describes her NDE, Dying To Be Me

Anita is telling the story of her spontaneous healing after fighting a Lymphatic cancer for over four years, she went into a come, and came back to life. 

I met Malka on the Quantum Healers Support Forum where we got involved with a project and we got to know each other. I immediately noticed her wisdom and her extensive experience with clients in her posts on the forum and from what she was saying and I admired who she was and what she was doing. 

When she posted about her creating a new hypnosis technique looking for subjects to do research on, I immediately signed up.

Malka Ahers is a Level 2 QHHT Practitioner, She is also a seasoned Strategic Intervention Coach. 

Malka accompanies her subject into their TDR quantum journey with angelic patience, with compassion and understanding, with care and wisdom, and she guides them into a space where they find their greatness, their power and their connection with All That Is. 

In these sessions people receive clarifications, a better understanding of their life and the bigger picture of  the Divine Plan. some tools for navigating their reality and last, but not least, the awareness of their own magnificence. 

The novelty that TDR brings into the Quantum Healing besides it’s own magic, is the follow up that none of others techniques posses, which helps maintaining the gain of the new understanding and the new convictions. 

This helps create new ways of being and beneficial changes that can be internal or external. During this process there are life improvements on many levels, followed by a better spirit, a new outlook on life, which is reflected in the higher  quality of one’s life.

The weekly support groups start with a meditation conducted by Malka herself, then there is a talk about it, then people share about their week and tying it up into the changes that are taking place in this process of becoming more self-aware of each participant.

Now I am going to tell you about my own experience with TDR.

Malka in American but currently resides in Israel, so all sessions and support groups are online, via Zoom. 

All I needed to be part of this was a good Internet connection and headphones with a microphone. Everything I did was in the comfort of my own home. I picked the date and time. 

First of all, I have never tried anything similar with TDR before and I was pleasantly surprised. 

Malka is so creative and intuitive that both my hypnosis sessions were delightful.

A big plus is that the two sessions are not the same which takes away the monotony of the same script.

I read carefully Anita Moorjani’s book, Dying To Be Me, and I noticed that  Malka’s script is original and didn’t even borrowed elements from Anita’s book but succeeds into getting the same outcome, the new awareness of own magnificence. 

The first session was more goal oriented while the second was a magical, ethereal experience of learning about the creative  energy that animates the Universe. 

In my session I received a number of tools that I immediately felt the urge to put to use in my daily life. These tools could be many things: a new understanding of a situation,  a new method to solve a problem, a new perspective on a certain thing. I perceive them as gifts and I honor them as such.

There are many support groups to accommodate everyone. They are extremely beneficial by sharing bits and pieces from own’s sessions, sharing challenges that may appear in this complex quantum process and receiving feedback is really helpful.

It feels like being part of a family that cares for you and understands you, it helps you decipher new meanings, overcoming difficulties that we stumble upon on this self-reflection and self-awareness process and celebrate all the victories on this new path. 

If you feel attracted to what you read here, if you are curious to find out more, I encourage you to sign up for a free consultation with Malka. You will also get two book discussion on Anita Moorjani’s book. Reading it is a prerequisite of TDR. 

Right now you can get the whole package for a promotional rate of 50% off !! This is a really great rate, and it is not a small thing considering you are going to get the opportunity to work with Malka herself!! I don’t know for how long this discount will be available, but even so, it is totally worth it! 

Here is her YouTube channel where you can watch her videos and I encourage you to subscribe.