I want to talk about the difference in group regressions versus an individual session, but before I do that, i just want to mention that Hypnosis is a way of exploring the one’s Self. It is an introspective journey with tremendous value. So, if you feel attracted to the idea of knowing yourself, hypnosis is for you!

  Group regression is a great tool for anyone who just wants to get a taste of what hypnosis is. This is mostly for beginners, so to speak. It is one way of finding out if  you resonate with hypnosis. One can learn a great deal about themselves from such an experience. For example, you can learn that you go into trance easily or not, that you can visualize, feel , smell, taste things just in your mind or not. Also, you can learn that you can release the need of control, to allow the process to take place or not. And there can be nuances, too, in all of these. There can be degrees of allowing, too, or the depth that you are going into.

   In a group regression, the wording is, of course, the same for the entire group and you don’t get to talk or to answer questions that are asked by the facilitator until to the very end, when you have already returned to being fully awake.

   In an individual session, the facilitator, who is an intuitive person, who is well guided and attuned to you, their client, they will ask  you questions and you are encouraged to answer them as the answers come to you. This is actually key for the success of your session. The more you talk, the better it is.  Also, they will creatively dig deeper into your answers to get all that you are supposed to get from your session, whereas in a group, the answer could be just an idea, and there is no way to explore it further.  In an individual session, the facilitator can ask you specific questions that only pertain to YOU, as you are an unique human, with an unique life experience.

  In my work experience, as in my own sessions, I learned that  the individual session is tailored specifically to each person. There are no identical session and no identica discussions. I never say the exact same things to all my clients because everyone is different.

  So this is what you get in an individual session. Mainly, you get more of everything: practitioner’s attention, information, details, personalized questions and further investigation, attunement from the facilitator to your own, unique problems and issues, genuine human connection, and nonetheless,  love and support .