In a recent session, my client’s Higher Self gave an important message to all Lightworkers, my client included. 

Here it goes:

We all need to be humble. We need to honor our gifts. We need to work together to help others. Everybody has a gift. Everybody can do the same thing in a different way, that’s why the uniqueness of every light power that every person can do this work, but we need to join forces to help others. There’s no competition, there is no power to go physically in a material world, but we need to start raising vibration because the shift is happening and is happening faster than ever. They have been telling a lot about the shifting of the Earth, it has been happening, for years, is not right now, however Mother Earth is very sensitive right now and more and more and more earthquakes will be coming, more shaking, the Earth is shaking right now, a lot of fatalities are going to come up, and she (my client) has understood that because we made her live last year through two very tough hurricane and trough fire, so she can help other people that are going through the anxiety, people that are going through things that are happening to Earth. So she is just a voice and she needs to collect people as she’s doing, like meeting people like you and X( a friend of hers) that can actually do healing on themselves and on other people and you need to communicate to each other and learn from each other because that is the only way that you guys can have more power and communicate it to your clients more and more and sometimes you are missing what she has, and sometime  she’s missing what you have, that’s why she’s here today. You guys need to complement each other, Lightworkers need to complement each other, however there are a lot of Lightworkers that can be in a way high vibration, however the material world has corrupted them, and they talk too much and they don’t do the work properly. She needs to learn once she has synchronized with us how to avoid people that are not in the highest power, Lightworkers, it’s not true for everybody. A lot of people that talk too much out there and more and more, in California vibration, you guys are very spiritual in here, but it’s corrupted by illusion, by the film industry and by all the drugs and addictions they have. Yes, it is, but you guys are not too many that are pure Love and Light in this country and on the whole Earth, in general.