A QHHT session can help to better understand yourself, find out where are you coming from and who you really are. You can explain yourself the origins of your passions, attractions towards certain subjects or cultures, apparently unexplained fears or phobias, the cause of the diseases or allergies that you might have, what are the reasons behind some difficult interpersonal relationships.

​The first part of the session starts with a talk to get to know each other, where we’ll find about the events and important persons in your actual life. We’ll discuss your question list that you have prepared to get answered to. I’ll explain in detail how the regressive hypnosis session will occur.


I’ll take you back in time to a past life that the Superconsciuos will choose for you as having a clear link to the actual moment in your life and it will bring more clarity about what you want to know about you. We can visit up to three past lives. You’ll tell me everything you’ll see around you, you’ll describe yourself the way you are there in the past. Will go through some important moments of that life then we’ll visit the last day of that life. Don’t worry, you will see it as an observer without emotional attachment but you can speak about it. After that we’ll get to the spirit side so you can change your perspective about that life and to find what was the purpose of that life, the lessons that you had to learn.

What follows is the most important part of the session; we will call the Superconscious ! It is known also as Higher Self or the Collective Consciousness.

The Superconsciuous is an amazing energy, filled with unconditional love for you. It knows everything that ever happened to you, it will explain why you saw that past life, it will perform an energetic scan on your body and it will repair and heal your body. Your Superconscious waited for a long time to talk to you, to get to you and to your consciousness. It will give clarity on the causes of the problems you encounter in your actual life.

A regressive hypnosis session is a very powerful experience that can change your perspective about things and about yourself. It will help to open your mind and heart and make adjustments to your life that will benefit your evolution as Soul. You’ll get a better understanding of the reasons behind daily challenges and how to deal with them. Simply by realizing the core cause of a problem leads most of the time to the instantaneous dissolving of its effects.

The Superconscious will show you ONLY what you are ready to find. It will not show you anything that can create discomfort because it knows you the best and it loves you.

The healing that it does is only of what is permitted. There are situations where one is not ready to receive the healing yet or still has some work to be done on certain aspects of the current life.

The hypnosis is self-hypnosis and the healing is self-healing. I’m just helping you to get in touch with your Superconscious through regressive hypnosis, more specifically through the technique developed by Dolores Cannon, QHHT.